The sun never knew how great it was….

December 2, 2019

Till it lined up with the angles, squares and vertexs of a great building…and this idea is not only mysticism. But it also involves shammanism.

The difference between a priest and a shaman. Is the priest is educated in religion, but the shaman comes to higher consciousness by completing the epic journey into the core of his being….so one is sanctioned externally. The other given a right of passage internally which is the shaman.

My point is all of have the knowledge to know what is right, ordered and harmonious from its opposites. This knowledge need not be taught, it resides deep in our bones like how turtles are drawn to the sea the moment they hatch.

It is the same with architecture, places and people….when they strike a cord in us….it is very hard to ever forget them. Even if all we want to do is carry on.

They linger deep in us like the smell which is our being.

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