Bunker world

January 31, 2020

Long before the brotherhood. I used to run a forum called Bunker World. The whole concept of Bunker World was inspired by some catalysmic world extinction event like nuclear war or some rouge virus that would turn the human race into zombies….the HOW was never really explained.

As usual, I just fast forwarded it all. To cut a long story short. Bunker World was an ultra secretive movement of survivalist that had all the know how on how to survive a post apocylyptic event…now with Wuhan virus its no longer a just a theoretical thingy.

You know when I was running Bunker World and churning out my weekly dystopian world stories…most of the readers were just kids who would met in McDonalds on every third Monday of every month. I was the leader. Even then I did not count on many of those nerdy kids taking what I had to say serious….fast forward to today. Many of those kids are middle aged men and some of them are incredibly rich.

I am still the leader of Bunker World.

Three days ago I received a seven digit code simply entitled SARAH.

SARAH is like a gigantic Noah’s ark…it is designed not only to survive a post extinction event, but it is an idea that is bigger that what I can possibly imagine it to be.

When a time comes everyone with a seven digit code will have to assemble at a certain point and date…..could it all be real?

It was so many years ago…