Who will pay for YOU staying at home while you pick on your big toe play perpetual games and get fat?

April 25, 2020


Just yesterday. A friend told me he was interested in buying a piece of land. It seems the landowner has fallen on hard times and is forced to sell ‘cheap’ due to the Covid pandemic….I told my friend to WAIT till the middle of next year and reassured him that only he would probably be able to shave off another 50% from the selling price!

My friend was understandably shocked! And this brings me to the point of this essay. Perhaps it is a good time to start thinking about how the government (and this even includes the backdoor variety) is going to repay the humongous debt of staying at home thru out this pandemic.
It’s cogent bc classical income tax won’t be able to cover that huge hole, not by itself! As when we look back at what we could have done and not one fine day against the backdrop of COVID-19 – it is conceivable no one in the cockpit of power (if there’s anyone there!) has really taken the trouble to crunch the numbers to really figure out – HOW or even WHO is going to pay for millions of obliterated jobs and business opportunities along with perhaps a tsunami of foreclosures and bankruptcies that is likely to follow in the wake of this historic pandemic.

If the world economy is in the pink of heatlh, that question would hardly have the power to disturb. But oil is trading at ‘buy one barrel get one free!’ levels. As for the entire commodities market it’s shot as well and everything else in between seems to be languishing in the doldrums. Perhaps the perverse outcome of all this is that one day we will finally realize that to prescribe a cure for this pandemic we got so terribly fixated on that ONE and only goal and disregarded all others that we ended up solving ONE problem only to create a hundred other intractable problems that we could have done without.

As for the question – when is the best time to pick up bargains at rock bottom prices. It certainly isn’t this or even next month or this year either. Wait! Till the middle of next year. As that just around the time when the pain will heighten to unbearable levels…trust me. The best is yet to come.

As for the question WHO will pay? Well maybe if we think long and hard about this, we would finally realize it has to really get squeezed out from one unthinkable source…..YOU!

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