Trump & Clorox

April 26, 2020


Unless you’re living in a cave with no internet connection. You would have certainly heard of Thursday night’s disastrous White house briefing. In which Trump suggested injecting disinfectant to treat patients suffering from COVID-19. Thereafter. Presumably realizing his monumental public relations melt down. The president promptly shuffled off stage and shortly thereafter the white house press corps announced that he would be scaling back future press briefings – which to me is definitely a bigger disaster than his recommendation to drink Clorox. As what this means is Trump would no longer be staging his daily stand up comedy show to entertain millions who have no other choice but to endure a laughterless and boring lock down.

While hardcore critics of Trump continue to insist he’s a psychopathic narcississ who regularly lives in his deluded world of make belief and half truths. I am not so sure about Trump being completely unhinged…only last week. During a conversation with a friend who speculated on his real motives behind his bizarre behaviour and comments. I reminded my friend that Trump’s Alma Mater just happens to be the same pedigree lineage that produced luminaries the likes of Warren Buffet and Elon Musk who all graduated from the very same.prestigious school Trump graduated from!… namely the Ivy League Wharton in Penn state. Which incidentally is about three times harder to get in than Yale or even Harvard and about fifteen times harder to gain entrance than Oxford or even Cambridge….so this begs the question. How the hell can an Ivy leaguer like Trump go around spouting red neck trailer trash narratives that puts him in the same ilk as folk who can’t even add or subtract without relying on their fingers and toes. This to me remains one of the most enduring mystery like the Bermuda triangle and the Yeti and whereabouts of Atlantis. Coupled to that how can a seemingly irredeemable idiot run a fortune 500 company! How is that even statistically possible!

Like I said. The man…Trump is definitely a walking Da Vinci code mystery. As it’s conceivable no one will ever successful fathom out how much of what he says and does is crafted or for that matter really him….and just in case you’re thinking this is all a big joke. Think again!

As the very same man who recently recommended everyone to chug down Clorox cocktail on live TV just happens to be the same individual who also has his fingers on all the colorful buttons to launch the entire US inventory of nuclear missiles….with these thoughts. Rest well and may I take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim readers thru out the world….Happy Ramadhan and may the spirit of peace and love and charity be with you always.

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