Excerpt from – Will 2021 be the year of perdition or salvation for Singapore?

December 24, 2020

Q:……….. You successfully predicted the fragility of democracy in 96 and even mentioned that it can only reliably produce chaos…… In 2005, you proposed a new compact that you considered a ‘precondition’ if globalisation as an economic theory is to survive….. I believe you were called a crazy man for this formulation. As you believed globalisation, as an economic theory was not sustainable…..In 2004, you predicted the ascendency of China and even mentioned that war between the East and West was inevitable… All these you have on record predicted….. Tell me. What do you see for 2021 in the backdrop of Covid 19? If 2020 was the year when the world lost its marbles with Trump and was ravaged no end by Covid 19…will 2021 be the proverbial year of healing?

A: Kompf. I never meant to be a futurist. I guess Kompf, I see the world very differently from most…. And that aspect of my outlook has always differentiated me from the mainstream. The problem that I see with mainstream thinkers along with their assumptions is they actually believe that their ideology of how they see the world is some how predictable, scalable and as such linear. But as you and 4.6 million of our loyal readership know I have never been a fan of the all knowing arts and sciences. In fact if you take the trouble to peruse thru 30 years of my writings here and maybe 30,000 sites in and around and outside the digital universe. I have really only forwarded one enduring message and it is simply this Kompf. Nothing is permanent. That’s to say the forces that will instigate change will always press on whether you or I or they like it or not. That I feel is the reason why I have always been labelled an outlier by the mainstream thinkers. Because they will always insist that I am a congenital boat rocker when in fact all I am really doing is thinking with the flow. OK. Enough of that. I have digressed. But before we dived in Kompf. Let me just say this, the ASDF isn’t just a nerdy think tank. Many of our studies are taken very seriously by very serious men who run very serious enterprises from Moscow to London and all the major nodes in the world. It has become reliable simply because as you yourself mentioned, 9 out of 10. We are right. So now you ask whether 2021 will return to the way it used to be. But I think Kompf. The question one frames invariably produces the answers we deeply seek. So for me, let me reframe your question to illustrate succintly the paradigm shift – How can we possibly go back to the way we were, before coronatimes? Tell me Kompf. How is that even possible?

Now. Do you see the cognitive dissonance between aspirational desire and reality? To me the question – will 2021 be the year of healing and recovery is simply an act of intellectual masturbation. Yes, Trump has lost the elections. Yes science has trumped over the virus and there is presently a vaccine. But what many discount is the mentality that accounted for the rise of Trump is still there and even if there’s a vaccine that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not going to happen again or that everyone is frantically joining the queue to be immunised simply because the root of the problem is not Covid 19. Rather it is mass disillusionment and distrust of officialdom and the balkanisation of States of minds and schools of thought. I think when you talk about whether 2021 is going to be the year of recovery, it’s conceivable that youre like one of those old men who wax lyrical no end about how good and sweet life was before computers made their presence felt. My point is its conceivable theres no going back to that dreamy sweet point somewhere in the past simply because organizational and personal goals and aspirations have changed so dramatically that the DNA of society as we know it may have changed irrevocably and many may not even want to go back to the way life, work and play before covid 19.

Q: Sir, do you have a Christmas and New Year message for your loyal readers?

Kompf I have always been very honest with my readers. If I have a Christmas and New Year message it is simply this….no matter how deep your pain or loss or how stretched out the sentiment of uncertainty. You must always remember that no event or person or even condition can prevent you from responding to even a lousy situation with grace and dignity and humanity. That’s to say no one can ever take away your capacity for goodness and courage to do what is needful and right. I am not going to give you all the rah rah brigade speech that everything is going to get better, that I leave to the politicians and their apparchiks. What I will say is that it will be a long drawn out affair and to have the intellectual and emotional stamina to get to the other side safely, we need to be kind to not only those who need it, but most importantly you need to be especially kind and considerate and even compassionate to yourself…I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Long live the brotherhood!

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