Tesla’s very very quiet revolution in how to build a car

January 24, 2021

Kompf. I don’t think many people really understand how revolutionary Tesla’s new manufacturing strategy is. I am an engineer so I know how absolutely radical it is when aluminium casting is used to form the front and back end of an automobiles chassis. Because since the invention of the car, the chassis has either being bolted, riveted or welded together using many sections of pressed steel pieces and that means structurally every car that has been manufactured since Henry Ford has been a compromise between physics, material science and manufacturing strategy. But what Tesla is doing now is to prioritise physics to the level that has never been done before in production automobiles. Sure in Formula 1 racing cars single monocle chassis design has been de rigeur, but by and large in production cars it hasn’t been done till now…so this Kompf is definitely a breaking of the sound barrier moment that will probably shock the shit out of established car manufacturers like Toyota, BMW and General Motors. The last time anyone even came out with such an idea was John Delorean when he conceived the fiberglass monocle chassis, but that subsequently didnt materialise and now you have Elon Musk doing something so radical in automotive design that its likely transform forever both the cost structure and manufacturing strategy of how automobiles will be built forever.

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