Why I am not a big fan of lock downs as strategy to manage Covid 19

January 24, 2021

Lock downs don’t fundamentally change anything…they don’t change the viciousness of the virus or how it may spread thru out a community. It just supplies the happy illusion that all is well by buying time i.e delaying what would have otherwise HAVE to happen. But it doesn’t alter the fact the virus will earnestly regain a foot hold after the lock down is lifted and begin to spread again. And with each successive lockdown, fatigue and anger and a profound sense of helplessness is heightened. And as society is forced to go thru this purgatory of stop and start, many can only begin to question whether all these “precautions” are really worth it, especially when the cost is so prohibitively high in terms of loss of jobs, shuttering businesses…. People started to equate suppressing the virus with staying at home and shutting businesses and at some point one would have to ask the prosaic question – why do millions of lives have to be put on hold on…. Is it even worth it?

By all means protect and shield the vulnerable, but let everyone else get on with trying to live some semblance of a normal life (mind u, its not easy to even do just that as the economy is well and truly busted up beyond all recognition) ….. Because if life keeps stopping and starting all the time, there may well be nothing left to get on with any longer.

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