And…what makes a woman that much more attractive?

January 25, 2021

oWell that’s simple Kompf. I am a man and as you know a big aspect of the Brotherhood Press is churning out love stories like Toyota Motors. I have a big following when it comes to my love novels. Let me share this Kompf. Many people and even some of my readers don’t realize how technical love stories can be. They have this simple Simon idea that I just hack away at the keyboard like someone chopping onions or something. But a woman’s mind is the very definition of complication. So to be realistic in order to breathe life into the characters I have to go into that hall of mirrors in her mind. And if you ask me what is the one quality that makes a woman attractive it is simply this, not every woman has it. Most just go thru life not even knowing what I am talking about and even more believe it they have it, but as soon as you ask them about it. They will look at you clueless and bewildered. And that attractive quality is simply the intuition to be able to read the silence of the man. Silence is not nothingness Kompf, it is a language that has alphabets and everything that goes with what a language offers, history, lineage, emotions and it is very powerful. Because when you think about it Kompf, the highest level of communication is not just about being able to use fancy words to string a sentence, that’s very primitive if you ask me – as the most highly evolved level of communication is simply to know. Without having to ask 20 questions etc. And that is very attractive in a woman. Her knowingness….her ability to see right into a soul of a man and to see all his seasons and much more. To me that’s nothing as attractive as that…of course to make it easy for herself and the man, she should preferably not be two metric tons.

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