Never try to belong so much that you end up losing yourself

January 28, 2021

Not long ago. I joined a group of hikers who got together a few times a week. One day they asked me to reason with a fellow hiker as many of them didn’t like what he was posting online…I told them exactly this word for word – go find lackey to do your bidding. I went on to add that I consider it very rude to attempt to control the mind of another. A few days later. I made a decision to hike alone. I think that more or less says it all.

The moral here is as old as the hills. Being an individual is impossibly hard in an age when everyone aspires to be liked and respected. Life becomes resistance itself for those who have made a decision to hold on to their individuality. Because the tribe is always trying to assimilate the individual into the glob of collective thought and action..and since most fear the tribe because if they don’t conform they will either be ostracised banished to Coventry or both and much more…so it can be both frightening and intimidating to go against the mob. But if the individual endeavors to keep his independence despite his many hardships, he will be rewarded amply simply because ONLY the thinker is truly free. And you may ask why – because he is first and Foremost very comfortable all alone….many simply cannot do this.

They will all never admit the truism…they cannot be alone! Kompf why is this observation so overwhelmingly jugular. Because if you examine the life of ALL great novelist, thinkers, inventors, mavericks and every luminary who has ever walked this earth, you will discover a common thread, they don’t mind going it all alone!

So if you are the sort who everyone just meets up in the club to gossip and trade vicious rumours about. Let me be the first to welcome you into the illustrious fraternity with this, you’re in good company matey!

So be mindful of the man who doesn’t mind being alone….he’s very dangerous.

Consider this fair warning Kompf!

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