It’s Friday in Lockdown wonderland………. I just realised (A Poem)

January 29, 2021

I don’t take well to lock downs. For one I drink more than its good for me and I tend to post stuff that I invariably regret the following day. Besides the diminishing size of my tube of toothpaste, the dirty plates pilling in the sink, overfilled laundry baskets…its hard to tell what day it is…maybe the fruityness of my boxers do a better job of counting off the days….Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…..These are just some of the things that mark my days in lockdown wonderland – I work almost in a surreal room where clothes and overnight pizza go to die. Suddenly I chuckle to myself like a deranged and unhinged soul. I realise the books that line my bookshelf in my daily 2.30 am Zoom calls resembled relics of some bygone past where I once wandered aimlessly around narrow twilight streets like some flaneur poking his nose into whatever took his fancy. Those moments of being able to walk for hours on end without ryhme or reason thru the labyrinth into the bowels of a city seems so faraway from my life now in lockdown wonderland……I wished terribly, I could endear myself to TV and settle for hours on end like a cactus on the couch, but that’s not me I am afraid…I am an incorrigible snob, the sort of likes the rasp of the printed word on creamy paper… time in lockdown wonderland has taken on a flat and featureless quality reminding me of yet another life once lived in Africa….my mind drifts to some distant memory of driving for days across one faceless sand dune after another. From time to time, I stop my Land rover and scan across the acrid copper tone dunes…they all bloody look the same, I mutter to myself. I stick out my tongue like lizard…yes, a smile tears across my dust caked face…I can even taste it in the air. FREEDOM. Yes, it’s terribly daft I reckon…then again it’s what I used to do in the shifting sands of the Sahara where it’s so easy for one to feel a little untethered. Just then the BBC crackles to live and jolts me out of my reverie….only for me to realise its Friday today in Lockdown wonderland.

George aka Darkness 2021 (Copyrighted 2021)

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