What is the best way to get by in the lean and mean times of Corona?

January 30, 2021

Kompf. Governments can do some things to improve one’s lot. But if you ask me – it doesn’t pay to look to them. Infact it pays to be a bit dismissive of governments in the way we regard people who talk a lot, but do very little or simply folk who have no idea what they are talking about. For me 99% of self improvement comes comes from YOU! I will give you the biggest example of what holds back the average Singaporean – they’re conditioned to be feel ashamed with working with their hands. Manual labor is often perceived as lowly, dirty and being a loser. As a result of this corrosive social programming many in Singapore never really learn to trust their hands and even less have ever felt the intensely edifying experience that only comes from producing something with one’s hands.

That is why I believe it is not always a good to care to much about what others think especially governments because all they really do is point you to the yellow brick road of life where you go thru university, work for a straight jacketed organizations. That way of life was fine in my Dad’s time, but these days if you really expecting that template to hold you in good steed. Then you are in the danger zone.

To be really so good at working with your hands. You’ve got to be thick skinned. You cant be easily bruised. Otherwise its quite impossible to cultivate this really deep yearning in your soul to go to a place where no one has been before. In other words you need to be comfortable with the idea of loneliness only then do you have the inner strenght to take the long road.

This is the only way to be really invested in your craft. You dont even care for the money or even bother whether it would all end happily…above all there are no safety nets…..you’re just like a man who has leaped off the edge with both hands outstretched like some bird.

You believe and so you simply are!

That’s why if you ever get the rare opportunity to talk to someone who has worked hard enough to trust his hands and it doesnt really matter what their craft is…could be some hawker who makes really heavenly wafer thin popiah skin to even a barrista who pumps out five chili coffee…you can see their eyes light up and how the sound of voice rises to gush out the words….you should do this, because at some point in the conversation. You would probably realize this is how people behave when they talk about love…God or maybe just being able to whip up the worlds greatest omelette.

And you are probably wondering how do I know all this? Because I am the best farmer in the world…I work with my hands!

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