Think! By all means…but don’t over think yourself into a tight corner!

February 4, 2021

This was what I advised a friend to do. He seems beset by a thousand problems and he has no idea how to entangle himself from what he sees to be a rapidly deteriorating business. Two years ago. He started a Bistro. It did so well that within a year he had opened up three similar outlets…but suddenly last March Corona hit the fan and since then its all been going down the tubes.

In fact his mental condition degraded so much that I only got to know about it thru his wife, who suggested – talk to him…he listens to you. So that was what I did, but before that I listened to him deeply and attentively and it didn’t take me very long to figure out based on how his mind was jumping here and there that he was suffering from overthinking….so I suggested to my friend that we should continue our conversation over a hike in the nearby forest reserve. He was hesitant at first insisting that he had mountains of paper work to clear. But when I assured that I might be able to help. He joined me for the hike.

At the beginning of the hike, my friend kept peppering about what would I do, if I was in his position. But as we proceeded to hike up a steep five chili strenous trail. we settled into a happy but hard ryhtmm of climbing without the need to talk.

At the end of the three hour hike when I turned to my friend during a long rest to ask him about what he really wanted to ask me in the beginning of the hike…he said, there was no need, the hike had cleared his mind and he knew what to do.

The moral – at times when you’re so invested into the problem. You have your nose pressed against it. You cant see the solution. That’s when you need to step way back and then without trying the solution comes out quite naturally. We can ALL fall into the trap of overthinking and it can only lead us into the darkness of confusion and bewilderment. When that happens the best way to declutter the over thinking mind is to throw all of oneself into a strenous physical activity like walking briskly, jogging, hiking or just cleaning up a room or toilet or kitchen….once the mind gets into the rhythm of physical work, it can only settle down and with it all our problems will fall into the right scale and perspective.

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