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April 28, 2021

Living at the Fringes

April 27, 2021


April 24, 2021

Leadership & Storytelling

April 21, 2021

Most people, including leaders don’t understand how important storytelling really is to the art of leadership. One reason for this deficit in deep knowledge has to do with how technology especially our smartphones has gutted out the whole storytelling experience and replaced it with a very confused mish mash of reality. So much so that these days if a movie is going to succeed in the box office, it needs loads of CGI (computer generated graphics). As a result many young people these days are very confused about their goals and roles and probably everything else. At the heart of storytelling is a very simple Simon idea of painting where you are and where you are headed…it feeds into the whole idea of man’s primal need for identity and a sense of belonging and destiny, without this trilogy lubricating and nourishing the everdayness of life, its impossible for those in a tribe to perpetuate their way of life coherently. People who lose these narratives, don’t just lose their history, culture and their traditional hunting ground, but like the sad story of the Red Indians who were herded into reservations in the mid West and aborigines in Australia who were forced to live in brick and mortar communes and work nine to five jobs in factories, many eventually took to drink became lackeys and died off like flies, so losing one’s narrative is life threatening, its like living without your spleen or liver and that idea of storytelling and how it nourishes the idea of leadership may seem odd…but when you consider the image of the shaman recounting stories to the tribe seated around a communal fire and begin to let the idea seep into your soul that this is not a plastic idea, but it is something really significant and as old as ancient cave paintings, then you will realise that we all need stories to make sense of who we are, where we are and most importantly where we are headed.

Being Independent

April 20, 2021

Most people need other people to do things with which they would never have the guts to do alone. Read it again if you didn’t get it…better still read it three times…slowly. I am not saying groups are lousy per se, they’re not. Anyone who has to clean out their garage on a weekend knows that groups are invaluable. Only they have their place and season. Somethings. I much rather do all by myself, like burying a dead body after twelve (just kidding). You know what I mean…..I guess doing stuff alone allows me to stand back and watch things unfold for what they really are in a free and easy way. Whereas when we are in a crowd doing stuff, we usually tend to suppress who we really are and instead be someone else driven probably by the groups energy, dynamics, goals and power structure etc..there’s a lot going on there, like I said, that sort of dynamic is not necessarily bad per se because sometimes to get things done or to reach that way point what is required is structure and discipline and the muscle power of the mob that can only be had from being part of a group which is really just another euphemism for something really primal like tribe…ONLY to me, this idea of going with the group or crowd has to have a place and season. And it can’t really be my go to default position. Hence knowing when and where to go solo or in a group is key. There are no hard and fast rules for me. No grand principles or even hollier than thou philosophies. I just really go with what works for me.

Who are you?

April 19, 2021

Too much time, energy and opportunity is spent figuring out what others think about you. To me this is a wasteful preoccupation like ploughing the sea or trying to rule over the nation of flies. As in life, one would do well to come to terms with the truism, there is nothing you can actually do to control what others think about you. And even if you could, it’s arguable to try to control is just too sinister along with soul destroying to ever want to do. Apart from being another definition of waste. Once you reach this realization (and trust me, you will…..hopefully this will prompt you towards that break thru). Then you will realize it makes more sense to invest in the idea of who are you and who you want to become….and the process (for lack of a better word) starts by dedicating yourself to simple life skills like how to clean up your room so that it doesn’t get messed up so fast that you keep having to waste time cleaning it. Or gaining competence in how to cook and entertaining your friends for dinner without having to suffer an epic melt down….or tending to the needful things in your life that you know deep down demands your undivided commitment like taking responsibility maturely and honestly for a difficult situation or broken fellowship instead of deflecting blame all the time to the other side, exercising regularly and staying away from snacks in between meals, being on time instead of late all the time…you dont need ten bullet points to really get to know yourself…but, you should at least know where and when and how to start that sort of relationship. Because if you do it right, it’s probably going to be the most important relationship you will ever have in this life time.

No Customers

April 18, 2021

When you need customers and there are none in sight. Every passing minute must be like a cruel cut.

Go buy something from a real shop!

Dirty Laundry

April 18, 2021

Everyone has dirty laundry! I mean EVERYONE. The question is whether one is prepared to come to terms with one’s story truthfully. So that one can heal and move on with life without having to deal constantly with the emotional and psychological ghost and demons of the past. People who prefer to tell themselves and others happy lies such as I am clean as spring snow usually have to deal constantly with the many demons and ghost of their past……and the ONLY reliable way for them to escape the reality of the past is to be someone else…… this requires denial of the true self. This I can understand. As it is not easy to be a REAL person.

Once you have this insight about the psychology of real and fake people. Then you realise that fake people are actually victims of their own making and knowing this means you will never get angry at them any longer. As all victims deserve sympathy and understanding. This insight will also enable you to appreciate REAL folk for what they are…. As they must be extraordinary wise, courageous and hard working when it comes to sorting out shit in their life. People who don’t know how hard it is to be a REAL, don’t appreciate REAL people…… As they don’t have this insight that I have just shared with you.

You can’t be clingy to people, things, situations and especially to the familiar. BC once you allow even so much as a little of yourself to be clingy. Then those people, things and situations will have a hold over you. When that happens then it is useless to talk about power! Or for that matter how best to manage it! The general rule of thumb is what you need, covet and yearn for most. You must be able to walk away from it at a drop of a hat! If you can’t do that then, you don’t own it. As it owns all of you! And when someone, something or some situation owns you. Then it is absolutely silly to talk about power!

The Long Road

April 16, 2021

It’s natural and you could even say instinctive for one to choose the short and easy to the long and hard road. But in life everything that one chooses to do or not ALWAYS comes back in one shape or form latter on in the journey of life….and for those who have made the choice to take the long road…there will never be any fear. This you can see in men and it is very evident. Those who are accustomed to only taking short cuts in life shy away from risk, uncertainty and adversity. Whereas those who are accustommed to taking the long hard road, just do it!

Sure! One can always take comfort in the valedictorian adage that all men are created equally….but not all men are can be equals. As not all are prepared to take the long and hard road.


April 14, 2021

There’s a very good reason why I am not a big fan of crowds….usually, crowds are really only good for a couple of things. The first is they’re ideal and fertile ground for germs and viruses to spread. The second, they breed tunnel vision and group think…both of which are really toxic. If you happen to be below forty and all you seem to do is go around in big and small circles…you best ask yourself whether it might be because you’re relegated your independent mind to the collective will of the mob. I made my fortune at a relatively young age by committing myself to really only ONE grand vision and mission in life – going against the crowd at every turn and opportunity, so much so if ten men said it cannot be done! I will do it!

Stairways to Nowhere

April 9, 2021

I used to harbor the expectation that a door, road or stairways necessarily leads to somewhere significant. I think, we habitually project that very same expectation on those who either come into our life or we choose to be part of theirs. But this thinking. I realise is immature. And often leads to needless suffering….truth is not every door opens up to a great place or even opportunity in the same way not every person who steps into your life will change it for the better….as most of the time what really has the capacity to transform your life for the better or worse is already firmly in your hands. Knowing this is jugular. As too much time and effort in life is spent on just trying to find that missing jig saw to complete it all. As for that mythical road and flight of stairs. Maybe it’s the journey that really matters most. Maybe we should just stop from time to time to take in the sights and sounds and not get too fixated on where this will all end up…because even the stairways that leads to nowhere might just be able to offer the best view, if we bothered with pressing the pause button…maybe that’s the whole point of going around in circles or finding out that the many doors in life just lead to yet another dead end….maybe it’s the journey that really matters and never the final destination.

Temple of Dead Memories

April 9, 2021

As one grows older. One has to be very careful when it comes to the past. It’s like stepping into a dusty room. One should move slowly. Otherwise either the storm of dust or memories or both could just as well do one in. As since the past is such a force.. .. It can very easily come alive and devour one like a tiger. Last night. I heard her calling me again. I knew it wasn’t real… As sunsets don’t ever last that long in reality… they only do that in dreams and nowhere else. But that doesn’t diminish reality or the experience of reality… What after all is real? Does it really matter?

Spy Dog

April 9, 2021

I have always had a deep spiritual connection with canines……. I know you think. I am human. Hey! I consider myself human. But the four legged nation don’t ever see it that way. Otherwise. They wouldn’t keep giving me that all too familiar look of half shock mixed with admiration – How do you do that! That’s a neat trick..where did you hide your tail? Who taught you to walk like them? We have a kindred connection…its probably like a vampire thing where its one part intuition and the rest is just gut feel. That could be why strays never fail to seek me out in a crowd to tell me their hurts…. Most of the time. I just ignore them and don’t make eye contact. As I have made a commitment to live a normal life in the city…..I have been making a genuine effort to fit in..but I can’t really turn away, not if they’re hurting bad…its moments like these when I realise…I don’t truly belong here. I gave her some strong antibiotics a few days ago. She will be OK. She’s given me a name…Spy Dog, that’s my name. Because I am actually a wild dog pretending to be one of you…I don’t belong here.

M. E. A. T

April 8, 2021

The chiaroscuro of the power & politics of meat…

Texture & Feel

April 8, 2021

Surface Tension

April 6, 2021

Shiner Dog

April 5, 2021

Happy Dragon

April 4, 2021