Spy Dog

April 9, 2021

I have always had a deep spiritual connection with canines……. I know you think. I am human. Hey! I consider myself human. But the four legged nation don’t ever see it that way. Otherwise. They wouldn’t keep giving me that all too familiar look of half shock mixed with admiration – How do you do that! That’s a neat trick..where did you hide your tail? Who taught you to walk like them? We have a kindred connection…its probably like a vampire thing where its one part intuition and the rest is just gut feel. That could be why strays never fail to seek me out in a crowd to tell me their hurts…. Most of the time. I just ignore them and don’t make eye contact. As I have made a commitment to live a normal life in the city…..I have been making a genuine effort to fit in..but I can’t really turn away, not if they’re hurting bad…its moments like these when I realise…I don’t truly belong here. I gave her some strong antibiotics a few days ago. She will be OK. She’s given me a name…Spy Dog, that’s my name. Because I am actually a wild dog pretending to be one of you…I don’t belong here.

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