Stairways to Nowhere

April 9, 2021

I used to harbor the expectation that a door, road or stairways necessarily leads to somewhere significant. I think, we habitually project that very same expectation on those who either come into our life or we choose to be part of theirs. But this thinking. I realise is immature. And often leads to needless suffering….truth is not every door opens up to a great place or even opportunity in the same way not every person who steps into your life will change it for the better….as most of the time what really has the capacity to transform your life for the better or worse is already firmly in your hands. Knowing this is jugular. As too much time and effort in life is spent on just trying to find that missing jig saw to complete it all. As for that mythical road and flight of stairs. Maybe it’s the journey that really matters most. Maybe we should just stop from time to time to take in the sights and sounds and not get too fixated on where this will all end up…because even the stairways that leads to nowhere might just be able to offer the best view, if we bothered with pressing the pause button…maybe that’s the whole point of going around in circles or finding out that the many doors in life just lead to yet another dead end….maybe it’s the journey that really matters and never the final destination.

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