Food can be much cheaper in Singapore

May 6, 2021

People who claim Singapore has an abundance of cheap food invariably commit one or two errors in forming their assumptions. The first is they often do not differentiate between price and nutritional utility or value. Sure in the hawker fair. Food in Singapore cost very little and theyre also tasty as well, but one cannot escape conomic reality. As often these cheap eats offer inferior nutritional and dietary value. The second is its important to differentiate between quality and inferior food. I am not talking about taste as much as nutrients per buck.

You can’t bullshit me. As I am a primary producer. So I know the power and politics of food and the entire economic ecology. The only way to deliver good and affordably priced food is to have equity in the production process. Because good food is not cheap to produce. The yield is comparatively less to chemically induced growth food that also uses herbicides. Good food production is also perniciously erratic unlike chemically induced food where it is possible to boost performance and yield artificially.

Sure you can chow on a five dollar chicken rice in most food courts in Singapore 2021. But like I said, that doesn’t mean the food you consume is cheap. It just means you are consuming inferior food that doesn’t come close to delivering the nutritional value for you to live sustainably.

A better way to assess food prices is to ask – how much does it cost to eat a nutrient rich meal in Singapore.

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