The power of love

May 16, 2021

I am talking really only about the real thing…of course. But if you have ever been loved. Then I think its something that will always stay with you for the rest of your life. Its like something really permanent like eczema or rock. The feeling of being loved is so strong that it can really only be supernatural. BC even if you are out of love…the very memory of being loved is enough to carry you thru. Love is like being exposed to plutonium or going thru a quadruple heart by pass, that sort of experience can really only lance into you at a cellular level and go so deep into your soul that even if you happen to be out of love. The power of the memory of being loved might just be enough to take you safely to the otherside. That is why people who are fortunate enough to be loved should always count themselves blessed. As they have a rock in life…..and to have a rock in life simply means you can jump off a ledge and that which will catch you in mid air and deliver you safely to mother earth is nothing less than the awesome power of love. Only love has the magical power to do this. Now you know why the loved in this world can do so many wondrous things……… They have wings.

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