The perils of a one horse trick nation

May 17, 2021

If you tell me that Singapore has no choice other than to engage the world for its prosperity. Then I say, its conceivable that sort of strategy is highly dangerous and even flawed in a Covid infested world. As a strategy really only makes sense when it is able to take stock of the risk against the expected pay outs. When the risk keeps outstripping the payouts…..then the ONLY logical thing to do is to throw out the old strategy and come out with a new blueprint on how to move forward. Of course to abandon the old, one would first need to ask – how long will this pandemic last?

I think. The way we frame a question usually produces the type of answers we either anticipate or expect.

The correct question in my opinion should be, what if there’s no definitive cut of point to this pandemic? What if the virus keeps perpetuating itself genetically by mutating all the time? In my assessment this is not an implausible assumption as much as one that bears out repeatedly in the real world. Then at some point in the sequence of this logic, one would have to entertain the theoretical possibility that the virus will at some point be so advanced that it even negates the efficacy of the current vaccines. Or renders them so impotent that a new iteration of vaccines needs to combat the new improved virus. Then not only will you be back in square one. But because the virus would be advancely deadly by that stage, it may be wiser to retool the wealth creating strategy than to keep on insisting robotically that Singapore has no choice but to engage the rest of the world to survive.

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