Watching movies the right way….can definitely make you a better person…providing.

June 15, 2021

I am quite a weirdo. Because I don’t ever watch a movie just for fun. To me time is important. So if I am going to give up two hours of my undivided attention to a task. It has to be worth my while. That’s why I first go thru the top 100 movies that academy awarded directors and actors consider worthy..after that I watch like tons of reviews. I prefer to read them along with critiques, all the time jotting down notes to get a handle on what’s really happening below the surface of what I am watching. Then once I have enough knowledge about the movie…I watch. So to me a movie isn’t just a two hour affair, it’s more like project.

Take the case of this 80s movie Tampopo, it didn’t do well in Japan. But in the west it managed a cult following and a central theme that runs strong in the movie is humility i.e if you want to be really good at something. You have to humble enough to accept your flaws and work hard on improving your weak points.

Like I said. I learn a lot from movies….but you must know how to watch them. Even a flick as seemingly vapid as Star Wars can be educational at so many levels if one watches it with the right mind set. I learnt for example that the Jedi philosophy could be applied in many areas of my life to patch up leaks. And it worked. So that just goes to show you that watching movies isnt a complete waste of time…it may just change you for the better.

Trust mme. When i say, you learn alot here.

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