Thick Girl

August 29, 2021

I didnt like her when I first set eyes on her ten years ago. She looked clunky and too utilitarian, stripped of all elegance. But after 400,000 kilometers. Thick girl has grown on me. These days I don’t even feel safe and secure driving any other car. Most people don’t realise that machines aren’t dead and lifeless. They have a soul and if you spend enough time with them and give them love and respect, one might even discover they have a character as well as life. And if you invest more of yourself into the cylinder heads and labyrinth of wires under the hood….at some point, they just come alive like Pinnochio. Thick girl isn’t perfect, she has her set of faults, she’s loud like a dumpster truck. Hard to drive in narrow and tight streets in the city. She’s not the Si Wen type (delicate and fragile sort). Rather she’s a girl with really big feet and maybe a faint moustache and when she speaks everyone drops everything and runs to the hills…..but thick girl definitely has her own mind. For example if you try to force her up a hill at full speed without checking on her coolant she doesn’t mind catching on fire and frying you to a cinder. Or if you try to force her to run thru a river without adequate rest, she doesn’t mind impersonating a submarine so she is full of character. She was manufactured just at the cusp of the digital age. When automotive engineers weren’t too sure about relegating everything to the infinite wisdom of the microchip. Hence there’s still an awful lot of analog in her and that simply means she has alot of character and soul that most modern cars don’t.

I know they’re sexier and probably better cars out there….but I think I am stick with thick girl for the next ten years….I just love her.

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