October 22, 2021

Let me share with you an industry secret. There’s no such thing as pesticide free veggies. It doesn’t exist like a snowman in the Sahara. There’s really only acceptable levels of herbicides based on the unit of measurement known as parts per billion. To be able to access pesticide free veggies, one has to be either very rich or have your own farm. Because to produce one bunch of pesticide free kailan roughly requires four bunches be eaten by bugs. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still buy veggies…I do. Only I submerge them overnight with a dumbell in a big bucket of tap water with just a tablespoon of regular salt stirred in. In the morning if you stoop down low against the light and look at an angle at the surface of water. You will be able to make out a film of oil…that’s poison so make sure you skim off the water before you draw out the veggies.

Try it out if you don’t believe me…do the same with fruits.

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