Wu-Wei : The Art of not Forcing

October 23, 2021

The Taoist philosophy of Wu-Wei is much more than the idea of not forcing….or for that matter going with the flow. For one to be precise about Wu- Wei, one may need to understand people, situations and things at a much deeper level. Only then can we understand where is the direction of the grain or how one should go about setting up a sail to catch the wind. When we learn to observe ourselves truthfully without any filters of ego or our shadows of our emotional baggages. We will at some point begin to realise many of the traits we resent in others are also an elemental part of who we are….we merely choose not to see our own flaws and defects. Why is this insight so jugular in the context of trying to get a handle on the philosophy of Wu-Wei? Because when we cannot see deeply into the inner workings of our own mind. Then how can we possibly understand others deeply and if we do not have this insight…..then how is it possible to know for certain this or that is not something that should be forced to get the desired results. Because in life, it is not entirely true or honest to say that some things should not be forced or willed from the realm of theory into reality. Some things we need to force……others we should not. But unless we know the way of people, situations and things FIRST, then how will we know when is it right to force and when should we just sit down and wait. Knowingness is wisdom in the art of Wu-Wei.

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