Making an investment in REAL things, people and experiences

November 20, 2021

There’s no surefire way to be rich, not even if you follow all the tried and tested axioms and safe pathways. There isn’t. And people who tell you this is good to go today! Could just as well be crying their eyes out tomorrow on an account of a lousy investment. If there’s a guide to investing wisely, it simply this – go for real things. Not pie in the sky stuff. I am not saying crypto currency or E-commerce are all bad. They have their rightful place in every investment portfolio. Only when you put your money and time and energy in real people for instance. It never ever comes back to give you grief. You can always rely on them to get you up on your two feet again even if you fall real hard. They don’t ever set limits on their friendship because they want the best for you. And even should you rub them the wrong way. They will forgive and remember your goodness. That to me is the definition of a good investment. But if you invest in things and people and experience who just want to take you apart because they themselves are messed up or simply have an axe to grind with the world or haven’t really given the idea of growing anything seriously….then I think you will always be waiting for the day when your investment turns around and since that day will never ever come. Its best to just cut your losses. This is why people move on and simply fade right out of the scene……they just know deep down its not worth it.

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