The Party will have to end sometime….

December 25, 2021

I don’t believe it’s possible to ride on this giant oil palm wave for long. At the time of this blog entry. The price of oil palm has skyrocketed to unheard heights. Even a modest oil palm smallholder is today comparatively well off. While other sectors such as retail, housing and manufacturing has been languishing because of Covid. Those in the oil palm business have all been experiencing a historical tail wind that most can only know as the happy times…but I don’t have a good feeling about all this euphoria….my gut instinct tells it wiil come to an end soon and it would most likely be a catastrophy in the making. As I do not believe the crop has a long term sustainable geo economic outlook. Both the US and EU have started boycotting oil palm produce. They are of course motivated by their respective farmers Union. Soon all these will begin to bite hard. Maybe its a good time to cash out……but where do I go? What do I grow next? I am thinking about going to the Ukraine to grow vetiver for the perfumery industry. Or maybe roses for their essence. Currently land is dead cheap over there. As the specter of an all out Russian invasion looms large. But the nest time to sign on the dotted line is when war breaks out. Contrary to what most analyst think. I don’t believe the Russians will just walk over the Ukrainians. If a war breaks out it will be a long drawn out affair. Thats the best time to go in! I can speak passable Russian, tame cantankerous machinery, hunt and live a simple unpretentious life. Besides it doesn’t get too cold there during winter and if I wear an Ushanka with the flaps turned down. I would certainly pass off as a Soviet mongol that most Russians will happily ignore. Don’t even mind if the Russians built a couple of Intercontinental ballastic missile silos on my concession farming lands providing its well camouflaged and doesn’t spoil the scenery…let’s see where it all goes.

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