Go to the Ukraine and become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

January 2, 2022

To me the logic is very straight forward. No one wants to go to the Ukraine because everyone believes war is imminent. But that is also a very compelling reason why you should go. Because if you go when no one in their right mind wants to go and those who already there are packing up their bags that means you will get a very good thing at the lowest possible price. As this is the best time to negotiate the most favorable terms for your land concession. I bet the ministry of agriculture and livestock will even throw in a free ticket and waive all the usual Covid protocols if you assure the, that you’re a serious candidate. The important thing is when you go abroad, your mind can only open and broaden and this in the long term will enable you to discover endless possibilities…even if others see none.

Don’t mope around and keep complaining that Covid has destroyed all your hopes and dreams…..frontier men don’t ever do that, they just pick up their rucksack and go! If you don’t take ownership of your future. Then someone in TV will! So go!

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