WHY I much prefer to describe myself as a wabi-sabi person than a minimalist

January 3, 2022

Yes it is true that I live a very simple and frugal life. But it has nothing to do with the minimalist movement. Infact. I don’t think much about those folk as they try too darn hard to get rid of everything and just live with 47 things. That’s OK for them. I guess. As for me I actually see value to have more of certain things. For example I cook and I like to have alot of pots and pans. Some of my pots are so big that you could even cook a doberman, others are just big enough to fry one egg, but they are all very specialised and each cannot do what the others do. I guess if you really need to pigeon hole me. I am wabi-sabi person. You can Google that term up. But what it really just means is someone or something that accepts imperfection as part and parcel of life. I think thats really an allegory of life itself. The world isn’t perfect, and some days are what I call bitch days. My point is you can either accept that for what it really is and learn to come to terms with it the best you can like you do with a persistent rash that just sticks to you like chewing gum. Or you can decide the rules aren’t fair and they shouldn’t apply to you, and you can ignore them and just do whatever you like and go on a self destructive path. But there is a third way of seeing the world. That I think is what the wabi- sabi life is all about, its not something you could buy a book and read about because it was a thoughtware I had to develop to live in a plantation. In a nutshell the wabi-sabi life is all about embracing imperfection it is not about being happy or sad. It’s not about staring out into the darkness at 2.am and wondering why was I born autistic and not like the vast majority of humans, its really about accepting imperfection and just doing it. Even if you find it difficult to accept in the beginning. Even if it doesn’t sit well with your sensibilities and irritates you. Especially if it doesn’t make you happy. Sometimes when you learn to just get on with life that gives you the courage to bear the rest of the burdens of life. My point is it isn’t about chasing perfection. The whole point about the wabi sabi life is just doing it anyway….getting on with life that is.

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