The Shakti Protocol

March 19, 2022

This is a special announcement from the office of the Chronicler. On the 5th March 2022 @1.30 am GMT / A SELF DESTRUCT PROTOCAL was enabled at sector A-388013 of the archive. This is an ancient code that existed since the beginning of the game we term the ascent of time and space aka The Shadahalud. In the very beginning it was not unusual for the creators or fathers of our game to plagarise story boards. One of the them was modeled on the Weyland-Yutani platform that was used as the programmable logic controllers of all our atomic tritium powered galaxy class starships. At this moment we only know the 12 digit Shakti protocol code has been enabled and this would in turn erase and atomise all data from here and elsewhere relating to the complete works of the father our game aka Darkness. In view of this extraordinary event. A special Ordnance has been invoked under Order 21 by the Laanstrad which permits the office of the chronicler to project with team into the real world to fact find more on why the Shakti Protocal has been enabled. Meanwhile this site has been suspended till the completion of the investigations. Please bear with us as the Weyland – Yutani storyboard is known as an ancient code written exclusively on a 1980’s 386 Computer using a floppy disc. Our technical team would need some time to reconstruct the old prototypal communication pathways known as the transatlantic worm train network. We are working very hard to resolve this anomaly. Your cooperation is highly valued. If you have any information relating to the activation of the Shakti Protocal, kindly leave your comments and contact details in the comment box.


The economics is straight forward and simple. Modern agriculture requires fertiliser in the way an engine needs fuel. Since Russia is the world’s largest producer of fertiliser, surpassing the EU, China, Canada, Morocco and even the US. As Russia is a major producer of ammonium nitrate and urea, and a big exporter of potash, an important nutrient that is jugular to high yield………. So what do you think the next harvest would be like six months into the sanctions. If you’re a politician reading this – don’t say no one told you how it’s all going to go down. Now you know why I am seriously thinking of going to Ukraine to farm…..its not for political, ideological or even philosophical reasons, its because of the mathematics of commercial agriculture. The perverse outcome of all this – military planners (even the lousy ones who can’t plan) all agree that the primary weapon of WW3 is the thermo nuclear warhead. Well, they could well be proven wrong… What if the weapon of mankind’s extinction is fertilisers!

To understand the Russian psyche, one has to go to the steppes…… It just goes on and on and it’s so big that for once you probably realise sheer size can very well be climatic in only the steppes and no where else… elsewhere size is just dimension and scale …. Here not only can you say it’s a geography that’s simply too big to wrap one’s head around. But what’s truly big abt the steppes is not merely the spatial sense of perpetuity that seems to go on forever. Rather when we ask ourselves what’s really at the nucleas of this sense of largeness or bigness? it is actually the spirit of suffering that is so intrinsically and esoterically Russian…….. that you can even say this lies deep in the very marrow of Russian spirit itself. People in the West don’t understand how its like to go to the supermarket and wait in line for hours in – 20 degrees just to buy one white and black sock only to go to the park the following day to find someone with one black and white sock to exchange it with to get a matching pair, but Russians understand this well. They know scarcity and shortages like the wind knows the steppes. They say the wind howls incessantly in the steppes, its probably the only place in the world where it can get into your hair just like sand….. The Russians lost 20 million just to fight off Hitler and his gangsters and under Stalin maybe twice or three times more perished……who really knows…. And when you lose so many that way. At some point the whole idea of death permeates the entire scroll of life itself till it becomes a sort of shadow that follows every Russian and another name for that shadow is the brutality of life itself…… The reason why I am sharing this with you is for two reasons. The first is because I want you to understand that all these sanctions will hurt the West more than they will ever do the average Russian. Suffering can only galvanise them in the way fire fuses steel and makes it stronger…… As for the West they don’t nearly have the patience to suffer as remarkably well as the average Russian….don’t have the lineage of history, don’t have the quality of sagacity, don’t have the human technology… You don’t and if some politician on TV says to you – we need to do without in the short term to send a clear message to Putin! It will ring hollow when the crunch comes. And the other reason why I am sharing this story of suffering with you is because – you have never ridden a motorbike all alone for 103 days and 4 hours and 23 minutes thru the vast empire of time and space in that Hemisphere of suffering known only as the Russian steppes……….. If you had transversed that great ocean of desolation and aching beauty laced with suffering masquerading as distance, space and time. You would understand that what the West is doing is truly futile beyond what I can possibly write. They might as well go and plough the sea….as for me. All I want to do is farm. Not fight.

I draw the line when they bombed hospitals and targeted civilians with thermobaric and vaccum bombs…..I have switched sides!

.In early February when I told everyone that Putin would not hesitate to rumble every major city in the Ukraine to impose command and control. Many said, there he goes again…that autistic guy must have forgotten to take his daily medication for a least a whole month to come out with such shit! But there were many businessmen who took what I said seriously and they cut of their positions with the oligarchs and some with Russia completely…..when I was asked – how can you be so sure? I replied – Putin didn’t just wake up one day and decide to invade Ukraine. He could have had this idea as far back as 2004 just after the orange revolution. But he wasn’t sure about the skill of arms of the Russian armed forces, so he tested them out in Syria and that not only supplied Putin with the confidence that his idea could be realised, but that he could score a win. This was how I saw it…..Now the prevailing assessment is this – Putin has overextended his forces and they are losing momentum. To me, this is a flawed assesment. The Russians never expected it to be easy. Maybe some elements within the army believed they could mount a lightning war, but within the core of the planning. A long drawn out war of attrition was never in doubt. Finally Western sanctions will only push Putin to double down on his plan conquer the ukraine…..if the West is smart, they will craft a face saving way for Russia to cease the advance and work towards détente.


March 11, 2022

Lacking finesse or the sleek lines of a Sukhoi. The SU-25 is nonetheless the flying tractor of the Russian airforce. Knock them out. Or get enough of their pilots to crash them on purpose and Putin loses the war.

Will be equally divided between two halves. Many have mentioned the new world order will in essence be a revival of Cold War power and politics…..maybe, but this time round the defining difference will be – not everyone necessarily believes or supports the Western conception of good or even what the world should look like….there’s a significant shift. You could even say in this new and hopefully improved world order…many will be mentally divided and even quartered in ideological and political terms. In the past the way of life the West perpetuated was seldom ever questioned critically, because to do so would mean one is labelled a communist and trouble maker, these days few people even those who happen to support US hegemony cannot but look lack lustre when they stand next to the litany of failed US adventurism in Iraq, Iran, Gaza, Lebanon, LIbya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen etc etc……my point is simply this, it is not so clear any longer whether it true to say capitalism and free trade along with globalization is salvation and as good as mother’s milk. Neither is it right to say communism and socialism that both China and Russia hold out is necessarily perdition either.

Because in the backdrop of this New and Improved world order – the masses (even those in the West) no longer believe the US and her reliable allies is the solution any longer. Rather there’s a growing consensus who believe the US is the problem….We really need to find a better way to get along with each other. Otherwise we may well blow ourselves up!

And the reason why this burden is on your shoulder and no one else is because although your parents and those who love you may help you in this endeavor, ultimately it all hinges on you and only you and no one else. This is the first lesson I learnt as an autistic person.

Because I am looking for arable land, approx 500 hectares. I am not particular whether it is mined or has unexploded Ordnance. Ideally the land should have been abandoned by the previous owner or concession holder who skipped town like you (no reflection on your manhood) . I am sure these minor details can be resolved with whoever administrates the new Ukraine. I have no political, militant or ideological inclination in the affairs of the Ukraine and I am most willing to work with either the Ukrainian or Russian or both administrators. I just want the opportunity to grow food on cheap land that no one wants. Kindly revert to me in the comment section soonest.

PS: A finders fee of 5 years free supply of food and produce will be made avaliable to either you or your extended family or both. Take as much as you can fill a wheelbarrow.

I have never been completely comfortable with the notion Russia’s special operation in the Ukraine was UNPROVOKED and a simple Simon case of ‘might is right.’ In truth it’s much more multi layered, nuanced and even far more complex than it seems.

My fear is they may well have miscalculated. In the short term, sanctions will definitely hit Russia hard. But what the West have not factored in is that Russians are accustomed to shortages in every conceivable way….. and no matter how serious the effects of the sanctions. The socialist state will ALWAYS subsidise commodotoes to keep the price of necessities affordable. In the West, the masses are generally spoilt by endless choice offerings and many have become complacent and flabby. In short they have no stamina for suffering. Its still early days, but when the sanctions bite, it will also have the effect of destroying many trade linkages and networks that once made possible cheap produce and services to the West. When that happens then things that used to be cheap will be simply unaffordable to the masses. Inflation will rear its multi hydra head. Central banks all over the world will be forced to raise interest rates. And this would set the stage for a new recession that the world has never seen before…… the moral of the story is NEVER mess with something with so many moving parts as the complex workings of the global economy. Nothing sits alone. Everything is connected to something and even if that thing seems infinitesimal and unimportant it too has the capacity to bring the entire ecology of economics to a grinding halt….. As I said, theyre simply too many moving parts and its a very complex system that should be left alone

I take a look at this and I feel scared. BC this is a crop that I know like the lines on the palm of my hands. Palm oil is in everything from things you know it’s in like animal feed to even stuff that you didn’t know its in like cosmetics and toiletries. So everything will shoot right up! And this is only one commodity what abt the others like wheat…. Fucking chapati will shoot right thru the roof! Let’s not even begin to talk about electricity and pump prices. The problem is for Joe Average his salary stays exactly the same! That in summary is the crunch.

In these difficult times. We should try everything to further peace.

I loved her….

March 7, 2022

Israel has thru out the Ukrainian crisis kept good relations with the Kremlin and has been super careful not to get into the bad books of Putin during the conflict. This is partly because unlike the US that has an appellation of double dealing pariah status in the Middle East. Russia’s launch of a military intervention in Syria in 2015 turned it into a respected and trusted player in the region. Thus Israel sees Russia’s presence there as a positive moderating force as opposed to the never ending tragedy of adventurism of the US schizophrenic middle East policy that left a wake of destruction in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Afghanistan etc etc etc. As a consequence Israel sees Russia’s sphere of influence as a calming force to rein in erratic elements of religious fanaticism and Islamist militant organizations like Hezbollah and Iran’s clerics. But despite the tremendous pressure on Israel to align its diplomatic position with the prevailing stance of NATO and the US, one reason why Israel continues to remain neutral and prefers to go its own way is because many politicians in the Kennesat happen to be career farmers……. So the Jew is not stupid. He knows that the Ukraine is a farming superpower that has the geo economic potential to play a strategic role in the long term food security agenda in the middle East. So much so, whoever governs the Ukraine in future, the Jew will work with them even if it means cold shouldering their No.1 ally the US………. that’s how important the Ukraine is to Israel….. Now you understand why it always pays dividends to have a couple of farmers in parliament.

Yes. Israel is also a small country… Yes, it is also sorrounded by enemies that dream of nothing else except pushing it into the oblivion of the sea…. And yes Israel also know when it comes to shove, she can really rely on herself and no one else in the world. BUT Israel also understands completely the full range of the geo politico and economic ramifications of NOT being a farming player in the new Ukraine.

Singapore has no arable land. But if Singapore remains neutral, she may well facilitate businessmen to venture into the Ukraine to farm, thus fulfilling the food security needs of the nation. The rationale is simply this – beggars cannot afford to be moralisers. Besides there are two sides to this sad story and not everyone is so naive to buy hook, line and sinker into the Western inspired narrative that Putin is necessarily the villain. Some may for very sound and well researched and reasonable reasons choose to believe the incremental encroachment of NATO into former Soviet satellite states for the last thirty years was instigated by reckless US clandestine engineering has DIRECTLY precipitated this humanitarian and ideological and geo economic disaster. Besides Singaporeans cannot eat lexicons not even if they are grown on moral high ground, taking the moral high ground merely dumbs down an incredibly complex security concern that the Russians harbor and merely supplies the masses with the opiate that they are right and makes them feel good, but in the long term…… Its nett value is zero – conversely remaining neutral like the vast majority of ASEAN countries may allow Singaporeans to benefit from cheap and good farm produce grown in the most fertile plains in the world known only as the Ukraine………. to me it is very wasteful and stupid to severe ties with the new landlord of Ukraine. Singapore should instead get over its self imagined seige mentality because any comparison between Ukraine and Singapore is like drawing analogies between durian and grapes and strive to be pragmatic instead of automatically parroting the Western narrative. Food security is after all a dead serious issue that affects millions of Singaporeans.

Supporting Ukraine doesn’t come free….. It comes at the very real and sustained cost of higher fuel and food and commodities prices. That’s a function of imposing sanctions. For now maybe the world will show solidarity with Ukrainians because this is all new and a bit exciting. But as the war drags on in the backdrop of higher cost of living it will definitely take an attritional toll and when that happens the world will not mind forgetting and forsaking Ukraine.

Economic War on Russia

March 3, 2022