Do you know why Israel isn’t in the US bandwagon sanctioning Russia?

March 7, 2022

Israel has thru out the Ukrainian crisis kept good relations with the Kremlin and has been super careful not to get into the bad books of Putin during the conflict. This is partly because unlike the US that has an appellation of double dealing pariah status in the Middle East. Russia’s launch of a military intervention in Syria in 2015 turned it into a respected and trusted player in the region. Thus Israel sees Russia’s presence there as a positive moderating force as opposed to the never ending tragedy of adventurism of the US schizophrenic middle East policy that left a wake of destruction in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Afghanistan etc etc etc. As a consequence Israel sees Russia’s sphere of influence as a calming force to rein in erratic elements of religious fanaticism and Islamist militant organizations like Hezbollah and Iran’s clerics. But despite the tremendous pressure on Israel to align its diplomatic position with the prevailing stance of NATO and the US, one reason why Israel continues to remain neutral and prefers to go its own way is because many politicians in the Kennesat happen to be career farmers……. So the Jew is not stupid. He knows that the Ukraine is a farming superpower that has the geo economic potential to play a strategic role in the long term food security agenda in the middle East. So much so, whoever governs the Ukraine in future, the Jew will work with them even if it means cold shouldering their No.1 ally the US………. that’s how important the Ukraine is to Israel….. Now you understand why it always pays dividends to have a couple of farmers in parliament.

Yes. Israel is also a small country… Yes, it is also sorrounded by enemies that dream of nothing else except pushing it into the oblivion of the sea…. And yes Israel also know when it comes to shove, she can really rely on herself and no one else in the world. BUT Israel also understands completely the full range of the geo politico and economic ramifications of NOT being a farming player in the new Ukraine.

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