Why it may not be wise for Singapore to sanction Russia

March 7, 2022

Singapore has no arable land. But if Singapore remains neutral, she may well facilitate businessmen to venture into the Ukraine to farm, thus fulfilling the food security needs of the nation. The rationale is simply this – beggars cannot afford to be moralisers. Besides there are two sides to this sad story and not everyone is so naive to buy hook, line and sinker into the Western inspired narrative that Putin is necessarily the villain. Some may for very sound and well researched and reasonable reasons choose to believe the incremental encroachment of NATO into former Soviet satellite states for the last thirty years was instigated by reckless US clandestine engineering has DIRECTLY precipitated this humanitarian and ideological and geo economic disaster. Besides Singaporeans cannot eat lexicons not even if they are grown on moral high ground, taking the moral high ground merely dumbs down an incredibly complex security concern that the Russians harbor and merely supplies the masses with the opiate that they are right and makes them feel good, but in the long term…… Its nett value is zero – conversely remaining neutral like the vast majority of ASEAN countries may allow Singaporeans to benefit from cheap and good farm produce grown in the most fertile plains in the world known only as the Ukraine………. to me it is very wasteful and stupid to severe ties with the new landlord of Ukraine. Singapore should instead get over its self imagined seige mentality because any comparison between Ukraine and Singapore is like drawing analogies between durian and grapes and strive to be pragmatic instead of automatically parroting the Western narrative. Food security is after all a dead serious issue that affects millions of Singaporeans.

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