Mr Xi Shen please stay in the Ukraine

March 9, 2022

Because I am looking for arable land, approx 500 hectares. I am not particular whether it is mined or has unexploded Ordnance. Ideally the land should have been abandoned by the previous owner or concession holder who skipped town like you (no reflection on your manhood) . I am sure these minor details can be resolved with whoever administrates the new Ukraine. I have no political, militant or ideological inclination in the affairs of the Ukraine and I am most willing to work with either the Ukrainian or Russian or both administrators. I just want the opportunity to grow food on cheap land that no one wants. Kindly revert to me in the comment section soonest.

PS: A finders fee of 5 years free supply of food and produce will be made avaliable to either you or your extended family or both. Take as much as you can fill a wheelbarrow.

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