The World the Day after the end of the War in Ukraine

March 10, 2022

Will be equally divided between two halves. Many have mentioned the new world order will in essence be a revival of Cold War power and politics…..maybe, but this time round the defining difference will be – not everyone necessarily believes or supports the Western conception of good or even what the world should look like….there’s a significant shift. You could even say in this new and hopefully improved world order…many will be mentally divided and even quartered in ideological and political terms. In the past the way of life the West perpetuated was seldom ever questioned critically, because to do so would mean one is labelled a communist and trouble maker, these days few people even those who happen to support US hegemony cannot but look lack lustre when they stand next to the litany of failed US adventurism in Iraq, Iran, Gaza, Lebanon, LIbya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen etc etc……my point is simply this, it is not so clear any longer whether it true to say capitalism and free trade along with globalization is salvation and as good as mother’s milk. Neither is it right to say communism and socialism that both China and Russia hold out is necessarily perdition either.

Because in the backdrop of this New and Improved world order – the masses (even those in the West) no longer believe the US and her reliable allies is the solution any longer. Rather there’s a growing consensus who believe the US is the problem….We really need to find a better way to get along with each other. Otherwise we may well blow ourselves up!

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