Why the West will lose BEFORE Putin in the Ukraine

March 12, 2022

To understand the Russian psyche, one has to go to the steppes…… It just goes on and on and it’s so big that for once you probably realise sheer size can very well be climatic in only the steppes and no where else… elsewhere size is just dimension and scale …. Here not only can you say it’s a geography that’s simply too big to wrap one’s head around. But what’s truly big abt the steppes is not merely the spatial sense of perpetuity that seems to go on forever. Rather when we ask ourselves what’s really at the nucleas of this sense of largeness or bigness? it is actually the spirit of suffering that is so intrinsically and esoterically Russian…….. that you can even say this lies deep in the very marrow of Russian spirit itself. People in the West don’t understand how its like to go to the supermarket and wait in line for hours in – 20 degrees just to buy one white and black sock only to go to the park the following day to find someone with one black and white sock to exchange it with to get a matching pair, but Russians understand this well. They know scarcity and shortages like the wind knows the steppes. They say the wind howls incessantly in the steppes, its probably the only place in the world where it can get into your hair just like sand….. The Russians lost 20 million just to fight off Hitler and his gangsters and under Stalin maybe twice or three times more perished……who really knows…. And when you lose so many that way. At some point the whole idea of death permeates the entire scroll of life itself till it becomes a sort of shadow that follows every Russian and another name for that shadow is the brutality of life itself…… The reason why I am sharing this with you is for two reasons. The first is because I want you to understand that all these sanctions will hurt the West more than they will ever do the average Russian. Suffering can only galvanise them in the way fire fuses steel and makes it stronger…… As for the West they don’t nearly have the patience to suffer as remarkably well as the average Russian….don’t have the lineage of history, don’t have the quality of sagacity, don’t have the human technology… You don’t and if some politician on TV says to you – we need to do without in the short term to send a clear message to Putin! It will ring hollow when the crunch comes. And the other reason why I am sharing this story of suffering with you is because – you have never ridden a motorbike all alone for 103 days and 4 hours and 23 minutes thru the vast empire of time and space in that Hemisphere of suffering known only as the Russian steppes……….. If you had transversed that great ocean of desolation and aching beauty laced with suffering masquerading as distance, space and time. You would understand that what the West is doing is truly futile beyond what I can possibly write. They might as well go and plough the sea….as for me. All I want to do is farm. Not fight.

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