I was very lucky

June 30, 2022

I gathered that working for others wasn’t my cup of tea very early on in life. So I devoted alot of time, money and effort into inventing a range of products that most sane people did not believe had any prospects of commercial success…. They were of course completely wrong. As a consequence of my inventions finding unexpected commercial success when I was still in my twenties. This not only gave me alot of confidence in my own capabilities (real, imagined and delusional) , but it also had the unintended effect of offering me many other opportunities in life that I wouldn’t have been avaliable to me if I was merely just another cookie cutter…. The moral of the story is this. When you are young – you must absolutely commit all of yourself into something meaningful. Because even if you just devote one year of your life out of an eighty year old lifespan to something great or uncommon and it happens to pay off handsomely, that one chapter of your life would color the rest of your lifetime……….. Today there is not a single commercial or military aircraft that doesn’t have one or two of my inventions. May not seem much to you, but to me, it was and still is everything and much more. Many ppl say money can’t buy happiness, but what these ppl don’t understand is if one has 10 problems and money can make 9 melt away, that in itself in all reasonableness has to be a form of happiness.

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