Begins in the mind. When the seeker realises, he cannot be what he wants be without first destroying what he presently is. When I was trapped in the no man’s land of autism. I remember distinctly there was an inner voice in me that said, they are going to kick you and talk down to you! One day I said to that mocking voice, No! The only one whose going to do the kicking and shouting is me!

The rest is history. The first step begins in the mind.

Indifferent Living

July 26, 2022

Everything ranging from mass murder to massaging the truth so that it becomes something all together different from what it originally was can be justified. This is the reason why there are so many false prophets who advocate the idea of letting go, what they really mean to say is give me all your money and all your problems in life will melt away like lemon drops and you will be happy.

This I call the great lie. Because to live is to be part of the problem and there’s no such thing as a problem free life. Besides cutting off from everything should not be the goal of life. If that is the case then one would simply be institutionalizing denial. What I think is necessary for purpose driven living is to first acknowledge that the problems you face in life are necessary for you to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. This is the reason why people who have never experienced the full range of problems in their life are so immature about how best to resolve life problems. But problems true you – they reveal your strengths and weaknesses. You come to terms with your vulnerabilities. This forces you to grow in many directions and this is how you become an agent of change. So when people cut, cut and cut themselves from problems and they say they are simplifying their life and just practising letting go. I call these people fakes or just dumb souls who uploaded really bad thoughtware.

True freedom is when we enjoy the problems that come our way and we are mindful of how it changes us and makes us grow in every direction. This is the litmus test of a real person who understands the philosophy of inner peace and freedom. As this is not about bubble warping yourself as much as making you unbreakable.

As it is. I don’t think there’s any compelling reason to get worried. Not yet. The point when we should begin to worry is when computers start to write and laugh at jokes. Personally, I am a big fan of humor. As I happen to believe when humor is deployed strategically to a social setting, it can be anything from a great ice breaker to a tension reliever….. I just think, its not very funny when humans start laughing at jokes written by computers. Maybe thats the point when we should all pull out computers and smartphones from work and play and general life. Because if they can undertake that sort of perceptive leap, then they also have the synthetic intelligence to lie to us as well…… and that has to be dangerous under every possible definition of the tenet, clear and present danger.

The meditations of the man called Darkness – this is an excerpt of a conversation condensed recently in the Temple of Reason in Primus Aldentes Prime 2022

The Power of Recovery

July 25, 2022

Serious practitioners of warcraft will testify that the Queen on the chessboard of EVERY battle that has and will be waged is neither the skill to attack or defend. Rather that which can produce the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat is none other than survivability – the capacity to take heavy hits and still be able to bounce right back into the fight!

The End of the World?

July 23, 2022

I know…. I hear you all. The world seems to be mucho fucked up. It is currently experiencing a multitude of historically unorecedented events, from a global pandemic to the brutal invasion of Ukraine, to an ever-increasing sharpness in global climate warming disasters. But this is far from the end. As much as the beginning of something significant. Because whatever we may have to go thru in this age is not so different from what once came and happily went away. My point is nothing is truly new, not even if it shocks and awes. Its just old dressed up as new. Knowing this is important. Because it gives you confidence.

The meditations of the man called Darkness – this is an excerpt of a conversation condensed recently in the Temple of Reason in Primus Aldentes Prime 2022

Red Line

July 22, 2022

Set Red Lines for your family and friends and associates. If you don’t do this – then it will be a free for all and in no time, they will be walking all over your head. But when what you consider allowable and out of line is communicated clearly to the other side. Then IF they choose to cross that red line and you respond. No one will ever blame you for what you have to do.

For example. As a rule of thumb. I NEVER conduct business with someone who breaks his word. I don’t even care what is the expected gain. In my calculation, when a man does not value his word. Then it is pointless to deal seriously with him. As a consequence many in the business environment know of my red line. So when they deal with me. They are extra careful when it comes to making commitments or they will take the extra effort to make very detailed and thorough calculation before committing.

YOUR reality

July 21, 2022

There is only YOUR reality and no one else. This is the first rule of living a purpose driven life. Most people regrettably are at best fuzzy, confused and undecided about this. That’s essentially a function of not realising that reality as an idea or concept can shape shift. This is why so many people get confused. Because they get their reality entangled with the reality of others and at the end of the day. They no longer have either the independence of mind nor logic to successfully extricate themselves from the reality of others. Since their reality has become enmeshed with other realities….these people who do not have a clear definition of their reality can only become lost souls.

God of the Small

July 21, 2022

It is not the big things in this world that make you big! It is the very small and forgettable little things that no one ever sees except you. If you cannot keep these small things tight, orderly and well arranged…then do not ever talk about doing big things……that is not possible.

So pay close attention to the very small things in life…keep them all tight, orderly and immaculate…there is I believe….. a God in the small

On Creativity

July 20, 2022

Understand this about the creative process. Nothing is fundamentally ground breakingly original. Everything is either stolen from someone or some where’re. Now if it resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination then I say – go on doing what you do. But having said all that about the creative process, no one really knows where or what to steal to feed into the creative furnace…so many who hail from the creative tribe have to winnow thru alot of movies, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, musings, random snippets, architecture, street paintings, dog pooh including their own to cobble together some semblance of tribute to the God of inspiration. If you ask me what’s really quintessentially original in the creative process, it really has to be how much time and effort you are willing to throw yourself into the roulette wheel of serendipity where the Ivory ball happens to be epiphany. How much of yourself, you are willing to throw in is I guess what you can call your commitment to the creative process. How honest you are is really a function of the extent you are willing to concede that nothing is truly original. And how creative you really are is really where you take that which you once stole….if it was an old dusty poem that was languishing in some obscure spider infested attic and you dressed it and gave it the benefit of good light and brought it from darkness to light, then I say, you gave it more than you stole and in so doing that moment is truly yours. But you don’t own it and people who claim they own this and that are in my opinion just very disingenuous. Because if you really observe, listen and reflect on what they have to say about their ‘original’ work, what they really mean to say is that they are very clever at concealing where and what they once stole.

Writer’s Block

July 19, 2022

I have a commission to write a E-book on hiking. The problem is I’ve had writers block since early March. Eversince then I have been trying to shake it off…. But to no avail. Maybe what I need to do is walk, walk and walk.

Simple & Unassuming

July 18, 2022

Symbols of success, outward opulence and excess luxuries – to me these have always been a form of weakness and never a source of admiration. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is necessary to cleanse the soul along with align the body and the mind to what is fundamentally core and that is simply for one to strive continuously to be comfortable in one’s own skin.

Real Happiness

July 18, 2022

For a man. A real man, not a fake. Happiness does not come from indulging in fun or happy inducing activities. Paradoxically all these are chimeric and do not produce real edifying happiness. Real happiness can only come from applying oneself to a noble and worthy mission. Even if a man labors all day under a hot sun, providing he is dedicating all of himself to his mission and there’s nothing harder other than this task…… It will produce true happiness.

This is the real reason why there are so many unhappy and unfulfilled souls in this world… Someone sold these sad folk a lie and they bought it.

Three months ago. I made a bid for an agarwood concession in the Shan state in Myanmar. I told the broker my offer was final and if it was not accepted. I would not be interested in making a second bid. The broker for reasons known only to himself assumed, I was bluffing and went elsewhere prospecting like a bumble bee. He probably assumed, he could ALWAYS return back to my offer. After a while to (presumably when he realised there were no takers….why should there be. As after the coup. The whole country is triple fucked up from head to toe) the broker came back to me….I didnt even take his call.

Next time. When I make a bid. I am sure the other side will take it seriously.

If you don’t make good on your word. No one will take you seriously. It’s like pointing a revolver without the courage to use it…you might as well not start what youre not man enough to finish off. At least that way, you don’t make a complete fool of yourself.

If people game you once. Don’t feel bad or take it personally. Instead learn from that bad experience. But if they game you again. And again and again. Then not only should you take it personally, but it means you have NOT been attentive enough to gain wisdom from that ONE bad experience.

Science of Tofu

July 17, 2022

He knows, like me that there’s tofu and there’s of course tofu

Supersonic Ride

July 16, 2022

In the hands of a fighter pilot who knows her well….. She is deadlier than a King Cobra.

Never allow others to secure peace on the cheap. Understand this – this is the arcanum of warcraft. If you’re dumb enough to do so. Not only will they trample over your peace deal while laughing at your foolishness to offer them what they want at such an incredibly low discounted price.

Instead set the price for peace at the highest possible price that cannot be reasonably secured by anyone! This way. Since no one party can possibly purchase peace, they are FORCED to settle for a compromise of peace and that would mean the necessary tension to preserve lasting peace will be there.

Casestudy: Two years ago. A syndicate of crooked parvenu landowners who know shit about commercial farming collaborated with a bunch of cheap gangsters who didn’t know a front end of a gun from the back and they both ambushed and cut me up. Recently when I sat with these lowlifes to hammer out a peace settlement – one of them asked me, if you are NOT interested in peace, then WHY have you agreed to this meeting. I replied, Peace????? I am hungry…let us eat. I spent the rest of the hour eating everything. At the end of the meet, absolutely nothing was agreed upon, least of all the idea of peace. You may ask why I did this – I wanted to know how badly they all really wanted peace….judging by their actions. They need it more than me which can only mean one thing – they expect me take revenge. That was why I did not say anything significant. As all I wanted to do was to present myself as a very large question mark.

By setting the price of peace prohibitively high. The paradox is this strategy secures lasting peace.

The Blame Game

July 14, 2022

Never play the blame game. Because when you blame others for your setbacks in life, this prevents you from looking inwards and improving many of your shortcomings. If you really want a reliable tool of lifelong improvement ALWAYS blame yourself FIRST! Many will insist that if you do so, you’re too hard on yourself, but they’re wrong. Because if you examine the lives of people who hold such beliefs not only do they blame others all the time when things go wrong, but worse of all, they never seem to take any responsibility……this loop is why they never seem to improve at all.

The Big Man

July 14, 2022

In the Cantonese conception of the superior man there is the idea of ‘Tai Yan’. In literal terms it means big man, but this does not refer to physical dimensions as it does to one having an all encompassing attitude. The big man is the opposite parochial, petty and small minded. He is strategic and is able to take a wide sweep of situations, people and positions. When one is small minded it is impossible to progress as one becomes one’s worst enemy, there is no need for external enemies because there is a conspiracy going on in earnest in one’s own head. But when one has a big hearted attitude, then one can always appreciate the big picture and since one is focused on the strategic, one will always be far-sighted and wise…….strive to cultivate the company of big men. when you do this. You will find yourself talking about big ideas instead of petty nonsense like who squatted on the office shitpot and left shoe marks all over it. I may well be autistic, but I realised this secret key to success early on in my life.