Food Diplomacy

August 26, 2022

The idea of one country weaponizing food to influence another country is not new. It is an ancient strategy. But what gives this idea added poignancy this time round is- never before in human history has geographical, political, mercantile along with topological conditions favored only one country to do this under its own selfish terms. The US is likely emerge as the first global food superpower and it is likely to use this as a crowbar to win over or arm twist other countries in ways that has never been seen before. At the present, the dumbest folk such as myself typically go into commercial farming. But in the looming epoch of food insecurity and possibly perennial famine farming will be redefined. After the first global famine that will occur around mid 2023. The smart money will move into agriculture. Following closely will be the brains. For the very first time in human history, there will be a role reversal where the brightest will move into farming. When that happens yields will explode and due to the high price of food it may even be possible to augment farming with robots. Now when farming becomes automated yields are likely to go up 3 to possibly 4 times.

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