The Art of being a Man

August 29, 2022

Life is not about chasing fun and taking shortcuts to the top. If that was all life was about then nature would have designed us to die after 25 years like flies. But WHY is human life so long? So long that we all have no choice but to bear witness to youth bowing out to old age and thru that span of time. A man will make many mistakes, harbor many regrets and probably wished he could step into a time machine and right many things in his life. This is because a mans life is not so different from the long life of the mythical tree of life…… The tree reaches to the heavens, BUT its roots also go deep down to hell – that is to say for a man to gain wisdom and knowledge about the affairs of the world. His roots MUST also go all the way down to hell as well. Just as there can be no heaven without hell. There is no such thing as a weighty man of substance without him ever taken on the heaviest of burdens and suffering….. both are in perfect proportion…. heaven and hell…… they are both in perfect equilibrium……… So beware of men who say they are good. Because what they actually mean to say is since they have never had to stare directly into the hottest place in hell……. They are no different from a toy dog before a flesh eating tiger. Their claim to goodness is proportional to their naivety and ignorance about all that is evil and malevolent in this world. Hence these men are not truly good… their goodness is derived from a state of powerlessness, ignorance and simply never ever been in a tight spot. A really good man is the opposite of all this. Remember his roots go all the way down to hell…. Such a man can kill and even destroy with the power of 300 men. He is diabolically intelligent. Yet like a well trained and disciplined guard dog. This man does not use it to serve evil. Instead his powers are used to further goodness for people and planet. Another convenient lie is when a man insist he is loyal and trustworthy. In truth no woman in her right frame of mind desires him. Hence this man’s loyalty is premised on his inability to attract any woman. This is very different from a man who is attractive and can get any woman he wants with a snap of his finger. But instead he chooses to preserve his precious bodily fluids and curbs his primal lust and dedicates himself to only one woman. This is true loyalty. The other is a counterfeit. My point is to illustrate only thru great suffering and by crossing many raging rivers can a man true himself and journey deep into his core … from this we can reason that a whole and complete man is not someone who chooses an easy or for that matter even a fun filled life. Instead it is a life of duty, sacrifice and suffering.

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