Running with Wolves

September 23, 2022

She realised the spy who they called Yuri, had stopped, turned around and looked at her for the very first time since she had come across them. She exclaimed, ‘I want to follow you all to the border.’ Yuri suddenly looked up enviously at a flock of birds heading east. She instinctively sensed he wished he had wings. Then as if seized by some deep primal impulse, she blurted out, ‘I can keep up with all you…. I promise, I wouldn’t slow you all down.’ Though he remained strangely impassive and silent. She could make out thru the caked blood into the depths of his eyes that swirled a kaleidoscope of shattered hopes and unfulfilled dreams. There nestled somewhere with the forest of sharp jagged layers of silent hurts, she could just about make out embers of an indescribable yearning called home. She realised then, despite their seeming apartness, they were cut from the same cloth and this realization filled her with a salutory feeling of solidarity that swept across her cold and desolate heart like the first breathe of spring.

Extract from the Book – A pilot called Yuri /The Brotherhood Press scheduled for release 15 March 2023

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