Grilled Lamb & Aubergine

October 30, 2022


October 28, 2022

China Chip Ban by the US

October 28, 2022

It is conceivable that the Biden administration is either unable or finds it challenging to conduct simple payout and penalty trade off calculations. At the end of the day chip makers exist for really only one reason – the profit motive. Hence demanding that they boycott sales to China (the biggest chip market in the world) is like limiting alcohol sales to only middle Eastern countries…… The idea that such a plan even made it to where its gone and will go suggest the Biden administration is simply clueless on how to conduct a coherent foreign policy in relation to China. UNBELIEVABLE!

The UK at this moment…..

October 27, 2022

Desperately needs a leader like Winston Churchill to perform the Herculean task of retooling and possibly revamping the seriously flawed party political Conservative philosophy. Instead it got a V. 2 Boris robot in the form of R. Sunak………. Best of luck (You will need plenty of that to reach the other side safely)

Because their (US) planners know only too well that China is getting more muscular militarily with each passing day. They have calculated (and rightly so in my opinion) that it makes far more sense to start a proxy war with China NOW to degrade its military prowess. Than to wait ten or possibly fifteen years. Because by then, China would whip them hands down. I understand what I have just shared must sound quite insane, but from war gaming and game theory vantage – it makes perfect sense…….. That I think is what’s scary here.

I think the question is wrong and should be reframed – how is it possible for China to remain neutral on Ukraine? That is because China is already subjected to a pheltora of US inspired sanctions in telecommunications, banking, intellectual property and most recently high end technology and super microchips. This should prompt many to ask the supplementary question – how is China expected to react to all these de facto trade and material embargoes and sanctions? The way I see it is like this China needs to perpetuate its space, nuclear and military program and for them to continue to do all these coherently for the next decade and beyond. They need high end tech inputs and most of this can really only come from the West. But if the West doesn’t want to cooperate and stand in as the tech supplier, then China has no other option but to turn to Russia and possibly Iran. Hence I see the China and Russian alliance as something inevitable. Perhaps not in the short term, but in the long run, this will probably be a set piece of what we term the multipolar world order.

If you look at an attractive man there’s depth and complexity and of course suffering. A scar on a man is beautiful only because it is the epic story of the fall and the recovery. But if you ask me why a man who has once suffered is so attractive it is because it is not possible for one to grow spiritually, intellectually and emotionally if one is constantly bubble wrapped and protected 24/7 from the malevolence of this world. Man is no different from the tree of life where its branches and trunk reach for the heavens, but its roots also go all the way down to hell! They are always in proportion, heaven and earth. Hence a man who has never suffered is like a bonsai. When you know this secret about men, you will understand why those who are hurt and disappointed the most will always be the salt of this earth.

I don’t think it’s possible to score a strong win during a recession. Its more likely that you will lose even if you happen to belong to the ranks of the best. That’s because in a recession not only does everything slow down to a crawl like a traffic jam, but the aperture for opportunities narrow drastically as well as the economic pond dries up….so the best that I can hope for is to lose small instead of big. But even then since so many things are out of my control and influence its very difficult to know what will actually happen…..its difficult to beacon out the murk when it comes to this looming recession BC so many drivers, metrics and indicators are in conflict. For example consumer spending is low, inflation is soaring to record highs, but employment figures are still very strong and robust…so what we have here is a situation where all the instruments in the cockpit have gone haywire and visibility out of the window is down to zero. No one at this point wants to admit it. Especially the s called experts. But we are literally flying blind. BC no one actually knows for certain how this recession is going to play out. Whether it will be mild, moderate, severe or five chili scary serious.

Having said all that. I think when things are so uncertain. One needs to go back to fundamental values. What is important is this. Even should I lose everything this coming recession. I will just pick up the broken pieces and start all over again. I have had a hard life. And one good thing about suffering is that you build up muscle memory to go thru the tough. That’s what they don’t teach you in Harvard Business school. The good thing about starting off with nothing is this. When you go back right back to zero, it doesn’t scare you. Because you have been there before.

Careful what you wish for

October 22, 2022

The question few have asked relating to the Ukrainian War is this – what if Russia loses? But before one even proceeds to answer this question. Maybe its a good idea to scale what exactly is lost, its not just territory or for that matter the failed ambition of taking over the Ukraine and incorporating it into the Russian Federation. As what’s actually lost is much more, its the fact that Russia is no longer a reliable security guarantor any longer because many now realise its military is simply no longer a credible force. You don’t even need to be a superpower to take it down. It’s the lost of prestige that comes from Russia’s aspiration to be a great Slavic empire. The lost of its economic prospects to ever join the West as an equal. And the lost list goes on and on. So the next question is if the Russians lose this war, are they just going to disappear into oblivion? I don’t think it’s that straightforward. It’s not even like that in real life gangster turf fight either. I mean if someone is going to lose it all like Scarface and to defeated in such a manner where they don’t even have one shred of dignity, then tell me what’s to stop them from not using a weapon of mutual destruction?

The answer is this – there’s no compelling reason for them NOT to resort to nuclear weapons. At that point in the game. they have absolutely nothing to lose. Sometimes when what you wish for comes true 1 to 1. I think you should lose sleep.


October 22, 2022

When we face adversity in its many shapes and form. It’s important to remain calm. When one has the spirit of calmness, one can do almost anything. Nothing is impossible.

YURI – You should know this Inger….. Loneliness is never personal. I could be political. It could even be associated with power and cultural authority in the way nations argue about whether borscht is European or Oriental. But it can never be personal Inger.

It was the way Yuri said it. He was still in his flight suit drawing a cigarette. He wanted to look Soviet only because he could never ever look Russian.

Inger – You’re so full of shit Yuri!

Yuri -……… And you love me for it.

Russia is a totalitarian state. That means it is socially and culturally streamlined to prosecute a long and protracted war of attrition. The difference between a totalitarian state and a state based on democracy (this includes the bullshit democracy states as well) is the latter is not designed for waging war on a long term basis. In the case of the totalitarian state since deception is not only state sanctioned but mandatory in the name of the great patriotic whatever. That not only means leaders are supposed to freely obfuscate facts, but theyre even encouraged to mythologise and glorify the mundane to further encourage everyone down the line to lie as well right down to that dog that guards the gate…..and this simply means Russia will have more stamina and motivation and reasons to continue fighting the war.

The West cannot do this. By the end of this winter all concerted efforts amongst Europeans to organize a coherent resistance against Russia will crumble. This is inevitable. Even the Ukrainian leadership at some point have to accept this as fact.

Right or wrong doesn’t feature here.


October 21, 2022

Loneliness can crush the human mind and soul into dust. Loneliness has the power to do this because it is unrelenting like the perpetual howls of winds in the infinity of the Russian Steppes. At first one tries to block out the incessant whine with cotton wool. Then with clumps of bees wax. But its futile. Given more time one hardly hears it any longer and that is really how loneliness takes hold of the human soul… Ever so slowly till every bone is crushed into powder. There is however a second variety of man. In the beginning this man runs his fingers across the glassy porcelain surface of loneliness. He knows it to be the texture of some giant shit pot. He does this day after day till he can remember every indentation and hairline crack on this polished surface called loneliness. Then he discovers a chink. It’s so infinitesimally small but it’s enough for a foothold and soon this man climbs out of the shit hole of loneliness. When this man reaches the very top. You must understand one secret, he doesn’t discover freedom or for that matter the communion that frees him from the clutches of loneliness. Rather what this man discovers is a horizon of similar shit pots to the one he just climbed out of. As far as the eye can see in all directions. Thereafter he is filled with the realization that loneliness cannot be conquered. Its simply too big a geography to even try to wrap one head around. This realization is not the acceptance of defeat or failure to escape loneliness. Rather it is complete understanding for the nature of a thing. And with this, the man realises (probably for the very first time) that loneliness is not something that is imposed on him from the external world. Loneliness inside him. Not just inside like a fish burger you just chowed on. But really deep inside right down to the marrow of his bones. So deep infact that the man is awakened by the singularity of the idea that loneliness and the human condition is none other than one of the same reality……… They are inseparable…. To be human is also to be lonely. This is the defining difference between the first and second man. The first man does not know this arcanum about loneliness. To him it is something imposed from the external world and it has nothing to do with the human condition.

I am not simply autistic. I belong to the ninja variety of autism…..the super deadly variant. The type that you definitely want on your side in the great epic fight against evil. The type that if youre my boss and you think that I will just settle for peanuts. You could punch in one fine day only to realise that I am your newly minted boss. The sort that should you be silly enough to insult me by offering me a mickey mouse deal. The following morning. You cant even get into your own office because I bought up the whole corporation in a hostile takeover. That’s because I can do scary weird things like split one second into one thousand units of time to enable me to see things that will invariably escape the senses of most ‘normal’ people. Let me tell you something. Most people only claim to be interested in the truth. In reality they have already made up their minds (there’s already a broken record narrative and it’s permanently stuck on repeat mode) and this applies to even those who are seemingly convinced that they are undecided and unbiased and impartial. When you know this character flaw about most people. This will give you insight into how and even why they make the decisions they make.

This is one reason why I never ever try to convince anyone of anything….all I really do (if you must know) is ferret out what they have already decided on and if there’s anything resembling a process of reasoning, it really just involves echoing what they have already decided long before I even came into the scene. When you know this. There are two possibilities. One this goes into the trashbin in your head just like 10,000 other trivia like how to blow bubbles with spit or alternatively you can incorporate this insight about people into your life toolkit…..and how do I know that?

I am not telling…have a good day.


October 19, 2022

The more you want something. The deeper you must journey into the core of your being to interrogate how this thing has managed to jostle its way thru so many other things bouncing in your head to make it as the only object of your desire. If you do not develop the discipline to audit your thought processes regularly. You will certainly fall into a trap. This is 100%. But if you are accustomed to training your mind to identify and finally hold before you the raison that accounts for your burning desire……… You can defuse your yearning in the way a bomb is rendered benign. By just being able to accomplish this. You have become perfectly neutral and this is the deadliest state of mind in warcraft.

Only the neutral state of mind can see all manner of things and affairs without the danger of obfuscation and evidential abberation……….. Such a mind sees the world, as it is.

Remember that which you desire with all the fervor of your heart and soul is a trap. As in the perfectly neutral mind………. desires, yearnings and cravings cannot possibly exist.

This I have learnt from the Book of the Void.

I realise inflation these days is cut throat….. Many of my friends in Europe are worried about the astronomical cost of keeping warm as winter creeps in……. To add to the prevailing mood of doom and gloom. The reaper of recession may just be around the corner. Nonetheless one must still make the effort to put one’s best foot forward.

Clever Money

October 18, 2022

How one sees things will determine possibilities. Many years ago. I overhead two elderly Planters referring to money like types of people. One of them mentioned the dumb money is going for corn. The other added, the impulsive money is heading directly for wheat… for the clever money, it seems to be hovering high above undecided. This conversation gave me an unusual insight into money. After that incident it was not unusual for me to frame my questions concerning money in the following terms – where is the clever money now? Or how much of the indifferent money is here? Etc etc. Of course many people especially those in the investments circles disapproved of the manner in which I would assign money a personality and even character trait. They would often interrupt me with a perplex expression exclaiming – what is clever money? Although I am autistic. I could also make out there were a few men (very far and very few…. But enough of them) who realised only too well what I was talking about when I mentioned clever, dumb, impulsive, indifferent money. They would often flash me conspiratorial looks as if we belonged to some secret fraternity where money was referred in such a strange language. Eventually they sought me out. Men who spoke regularly about this strange and peculiar thing called clever money.

Beware of men who talk about money in such mysterious and peculiar terms. They may seem normal and even run of the mill, but trust me…… They are not. You see it is very simple – how you see things determines your field of possibilities.

It may seem hysterical to proclaim the end to a country that has existed for over two thousand years. But the evidence that is building up to support such a conclusion cannot be easily denied. The imminent curtain call of the Monty Python world’s briefest government of Liz Trusss is simply the tip of the iceberg stretching all the way back to a series of mind bending policies that started with Boris and Brexit. It seems the straw that finally broke the camels back was Liz Truss ganja inspired tax reforms. The verdict is this – the market has finally had enough of round after round of logic defying water flowing uphill government policies and this time the clever money has truly exited the UK and by the looks of it……. Its never ever coming back. From this point onwards, it is far more likely than not that the United Kingdom will not exist in its present economic form any longer. What will exist instead is an England that will be poorer and chronically so polarised between the upper class elites and the rest of the country that for the first time in British history there will simply exist two countries within one defined by the factionalism of two very starkly different standards of living. It is conceivable that whoever will eventually replace PM Liz Truss will not be able to turn the doomed UK ship from sailing off the edge of the known world………….. The world after all seems flat as a Pizza to most British politicians.