The beginning of the end for the UK

October 17, 2022

It may seem hysterical to proclaim the end to a country that has existed for over two thousand years. But the evidence that is building up to support such a conclusion cannot be easily denied. The imminent curtain call of the Monty Python world’s briefest government of Liz Trusss is simply the tip of the iceberg stretching all the way back to a series of mind bending policies that started with Boris and Brexit. It seems the straw that finally broke the camels back was Liz Truss ganja inspired tax reforms. The verdict is this – the market has finally had enough of round after round of logic defying water flowing uphill government policies and this time the clever money has truly exited the UK and by the looks of it……. Its never ever coming back. From this point onwards, it is far more likely than not that the United Kingdom will not exist in its present economic form any longer. What will exist instead is an England that will be poorer and chronically so polarised between the upper class elites and the rest of the country that for the first time in British history there will simply exist two countries within one defined by the factionalism of two very starkly different standards of living. It is conceivable that whoever will eventually replace PM Liz Truss will not be able to turn the doomed UK ship from sailing off the edge of the known world………….. The world after all seems flat as a Pizza to most British politicians.

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