Clever Money

October 18, 2022

How one sees things will determine possibilities. Many years ago. I overhead two elderly Planters referring to money like types of people. One of them mentioned the dumb money is going for corn. The other added, the impulsive money is heading directly for wheat… for the clever money, it seems to be hovering high above undecided. This conversation gave me an unusual insight into money. After that incident it was not unusual for me to frame my questions concerning money in the following terms – where is the clever money now? Or how much of the indifferent money is here? Etc etc. Of course many people especially those in the investments circles disapproved of the manner in which I would assign money a personality and even character trait. They would often interrupt me with a perplex expression exclaiming – what is clever money? Although I am autistic. I could also make out there were a few men (very far and very few…. But enough of them) who realised only too well what I was talking about when I mentioned clever, dumb, impulsive, indifferent money. They would often flash me conspiratorial looks as if we belonged to some secret fraternity where money was referred in such a strange language. Eventually they sought me out. Men who spoke regularly about this strange and peculiar thing called clever money.

Beware of men who talk about money in such mysterious and peculiar terms. They may seem normal and even run of the mill, but trust me…… They are not. You see it is very simple – how you see things determines your field of possibilities.

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