October 19, 2022

The more you want something. The deeper you must journey into the core of your being to interrogate how this thing has managed to jostle its way thru so many other things bouncing in your head to make it as the only object of your desire. If you do not develop the discipline to audit your thought processes regularly. You will certainly fall into a trap. This is 100%. But if you are accustomed to training your mind to identify and finally hold before you the raison that accounts for your burning desire……… You can defuse your yearning in the way a bomb is rendered benign. By just being able to accomplish this. You have become perfectly neutral and this is the deadliest state of mind in warcraft.

Only the neutral state of mind can see all manner of things and affairs without the danger of obfuscation and evidential abberation……….. Such a mind sees the world, as it is.

Remember that which you desire with all the fervor of your heart and soul is a trap. As in the perfectly neutral mind………. desires, yearnings and cravings cannot possibly exist.

This I have learnt from the Book of the Void.

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