There’s nothing as beautiful in a man as much as having suffered

October 22, 2022

If you look at an attractive man there’s depth and complexity and of course suffering. A scar on a man is beautiful only because it is the epic story of the fall and the recovery. But if you ask me why a man who has once suffered is so attractive it is because it is not possible for one to grow spiritually, intellectually and emotionally if one is constantly bubble wrapped and protected 24/7 from the malevolence of this world. Man is no different from the tree of life where its branches and trunk reach for the heavens, but its roots also go all the way down to hell! They are always in proportion, heaven and earth. Hence a man who has never suffered is like a bonsai. When you know this secret about men, you will understand why those who are hurt and disappointed the most will always be the salt of this earth.

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