Don’t blame Sam Bankman Fried if you lost big time in FTX

November 27, 2022

Blame yourself. Because in life, if you didn’t confer power ontu others, they could NEVER have power over you! But in the case of FTX, many believed SBF was a genius. They were so mesmerised by his brilliance (mostly imagined) that they were prepared to be open minded abt everything concerning SBF, from his sloppy beach bum attire to his impossibly wide sweeping claims on how well FTX was doing. But if there is one compelling reason why those who lost $ on FTX should blame themselves and not SBF or any one else it is this, they were all first and foremost guilty of unmitigated greed. Had they been free of this one character flaw, all this could not have happened.

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