If you fear…. U r not alone

November 28, 2022

Many of my readers imagine I am fearless. This not true! I am susceptible to fearing from everything to snakes and things not going to plan. However, I believe the way I regard the things, situations and people who I associate with fear is very different from most people n it is this aspect of how I deal with fear that comes across as fearless. There is no magic to what I do. I don’t even have a technique that requires me to penetrate my fear and to come out wiser from the other side. All I really do when fear threatens to overwhelm me, if you must know is remind myself that I am not the sum of my fears to paraphrase. I am not my Thoughts. They’re really just stuff that come n go thru my brain. This dynamic is NOT me! The indelible part that is me is the witness whose watching very quietly in a non judgemental attitude what’s going in and out of my brain. This is not a trick or life hack to deal with fear. It is very deep understanding of a way that I had to develop to live in the wild so many years all by myself.

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