The Dilemma of Modern Man

November 28, 2022

Modern Man is hollow. He suffers from emptiness and restlessness. This was what T.S.Eliot expounded in his poem The Wasteland abt the dilemma of modern man. Ancient man did not suffer from the brain fog of identity and gender crisis. This was because there was plenty of opportunities to sharpen and even define his sense of manhood. But since modern man lives in an epoch where warmaking is considered primitive and uncivilised and the opposite of progressive. There is no longer a need for modern man to prove or for that matter perpetuate his manhood. Instead modern man has been emasculated by the marketing manifesto that even considers it anathema for a man to insist on his manliness. Hence modern man is now so confused as to who he should be and there lies the seed of his perpetual emptiness and restlessness.

T. S Eliot did not expound this theory. It is I who see this disease in modern man.

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