Good Riddance Alfred!

January 15, 2023

I’ve got a feeling the next time you see this epic loser…. He would probably be taking your orders behind some cheap Chinese take away in nowhereville like Los Ybanez simply BC. After FTX it’s almost impossible to live down that sort of reputational damage. I really dont know who to pity more SBF or Alfred Lin……Good Riddance to rubbish!

P. S I can VC better than you Alfred! Forked outa whopping USD200 over million and didn’t even bother to ask for a seat on the FTX board BC he thought SBF was a smart guy! Q:What kinda of idiot makes a 200 mil VC investment on that basis? (You should be investigated by the SCC for being a co-conspirator in the FTX fraud! ).

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