Knowing the limits of one’s nose

January 16, 2023

I work alot with my nose. If for instance I get a cold, that could be the difference between getting a $40,000 scent wrong for something that’s just 4 cents. If you have to rely on your nose alot. At some point your sense of smell can just get swarmed and your nose will just decide to go on strike. Usually in one sitting. I go thru no more than 6 scents. Anymore and the assessment is simply not reliable and I never take strong beverages, chew gum or smoke 3 Hours before a session. No one really knows why the nose just decides to switch off, but one good theory is simply information cum sensory overload. A trick that I regularly use to reset my nose is to always carry some wool in a neutral smelling container……usually 3 or 4 big whiffs clears nose noise to zero. As for coffee beans…..everyone thinks they work, but in reality, they just confuse your nose even more. Wool is good…..only one industry tip, keep it in a dark cool place. I use foil stored in a cool thermos. Not in a greenhouse like the glove compartment in your car.

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