5 life changing lessons I have learnt from the French

January 31, 2023

Those who know me well will testify that the French exert a big influence over my thinking. So much so, I even think in French (one reason could be BC during the Covid years. I have been spending an awful lot of time with them). Though at times it has been an acrimonious and vexful relationships, full of tantrums and barbed whassap messages…. However…. I cannot deny it has also been surprisingly sweet, warm and deeply nourishing as well. Because the French and only they don’t see my autism as a curse. They see it as a strategic creative wonder weapon that can add rather than subtract from their business ethos. Hence it is a sweet collobaration. So heart warmingly sweet for me

that I still find it deeply intriguing and a very important part of my life. These r some of the things I have gathered thru the years from the marvellous French.

  1. It is possible to agree to disagree instead of killing each other. There’s no need to invest so much of yourself in a position that you end up painting yourself in a corner with everyone else who might have a different point of view from you. Being able to compartmentalise your position allows you explore other options by even working with those who might not share your point of view.
  2. If you want to eat well. You need to be able to cook it yourself from scratch…… Otherwise you simply have to settle for second best. You absolutely need to learn how to make homemade pate…… After that life will never be the same again.
  3. Strive to be chic and attractive especially when you’re old. Taking a keen interest in your appearance is not narcissistic, it’s taking control over your life… It shows you’re still very much in the good fight. Being able to feel good about your appearance is not vanity…. It just means you have made a conscious decision to be the best you can be in your age category and there’s an abundance of joie de vivre in your spirit. If you really want to come across as quietly polished, cultured and sophisticated lose your Rolex for a Cartier.
  4. It’s possible (I’ve done it not once but many a time) to do big projects without getting too many people involved. Small is beautiful because you can hold really serious meetings while sitting on the grass in summer and wear a flower on your lapel without looking too ridiculous.
  5. Don’t be afraid if you don’t seem to belong to any specific group at all. Instead appreciate the freedom of electing to be your own firebrand ……remember, that is your right and its elemental and most importantly don’t bother abt what others think abt you. Let me tell you a secret – most of the time, they r not thinking abt you as much as you think they are! Just put all your waking hours in living your life. Because the best revenge is to simply live life well and with few regrets. The rest don’t matter at all… People who don’t know this are simply immature to think they have got it all figured out.

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