Welcome to Singapore Francois

February 18, 2023

I stay in a district in Singapore that has the highest concentration of French nationals…. Why is this so important. BC my friend Francois has decided to relocate to Asia for work. I know the French headman well, we regularly go cycling, hiking and cook together. Their kids play with mine and my wife joins them for bridge and mahjong regularly. The French community in my area are not stuck up (not if you connect with them!). They are well integrated with the locals (yes there r some ass holes, but that applies to Singaporean ass holes as well) By and large there’s alot of mutual respect and trust and shared interest and this is important BC if Francois is going to stay here long term. He needs a 24/7 supportive Community. Francois is autistic and he has bipolar and regularly suffers panic and anxiety attacks. He needs to be supported, not judged by ignorant folk who think all humans are created from only one mould. Not to worry. My family is just 5 min away and he will feel right at home in Singapore with his new circle of French friends. Besides my district is the only place in Singapore where one can get fresh baguet and pate on the go! Welcome Francois!

Caring is a choice we wholeheartedly choose to make!

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