I really want to be polite. I even want to stay open minded, but not so open that my brain is like a rubbish dump that buys into everything and anything…it started quite well. I was introduced to this lady who holds herself out as some sort of dog psychiatrist to high society dog owners. So she asked me whether I keep dogs. I mentioned I have a couple. Then she asked are they well adjusted? Then I asked what do you mean? Do yo mean whether I give them neck breaks from time to time like a chiropractor ? She said no, how’s their behaviour. I mentioned one of my pups has this habit of bitting my shoes and slippers to bits….the lady mentioned. Perhaps it’s anger management issues…she asked whether I might be intrested to engage her services. I said I really don’t see the need. She asked why. I told her I’ve seen this in plenty of dogs before. She asked enthuistically how to prescribe a cure…do you use dream therapy or water massage…I said no. I just tie a really old shoe around the neck of the dog.

The lady was quite shocked…I wonder why….why?